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Has anyone tried Bob Beck's electro therapy? Does it work?

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  • Has anyone tried Bob Beck's electro therapy? Does it work?

    Hi I'm new to lupus. My aunt sent me a link to utube about Bob Beck's blood cleansing device and I went on ebay and sure enough people build and sell them. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and if it really works or if it's a waste of time and money. Thanks.

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    Blood cleansing device? Oh good grief, I don't even have to look it up to be able to tell you to RUN THE OTHER WAY. It is complete hoax and a waste of your money. I looked at the alleged theory behind the device - that "zapping" your blood will kill bacteria and viruses. Well, if it would kill those, it would also destroy the vital components of your blood like white blood cells. It doesn't do that. It doesn't do anything. The people trying to promote this "therapy" are right in line with all sorts of other complete QUACK JOB conspiracy theories. The guy who invented this ludicrous device claims, for example, that lupus is caused by viruses and bacteria in the blood, which is completely bunk. (He's even one of the nutjobs claiming that AIDS is not caused by HIV.)

    Seriously, this is just as crazy as the conspiracy theories like holocaust denial, people who refuse to believe that humans have walked on the moon, and anti-vaccine conspiracies. If it were to have ANY effect, it would be a placebo effect, or possibly cause damage to nerves and tissues if were to be built incorrectly. I'm not a doctor, but I AM a biologist, and I can tell you right now that using a "blood electrifier" like the one designed by Bob Beck will do NOTHING to improve your health. Don't waste your time or your money.


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      I agree with, run, RUN! There are a lot of people claiming "cures" out there for tons of diseases (like lupus, cancer, AIDS, etc.) with things like this or juices or whatever else.

      I dunno...I'm pretty sure that if there happened to be a real cure, my doctor would have told me at some point. Either that, or I'm gonna have to fire him eventually. :lol:


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        Yup! If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. I was just wondering if anyone here even tried it. Thanks for the advice.


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          Be advised once you are diagnosed with Lupus people come out of the woodwork with cures they have heard of. Before trying anything please consult with your doctor. Even over the counter things may cause problems with some of the medications we take.

          Take care,


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            The truth is, there's plenty of studies done about Bob Beck's work and all positive! Be careful on who will answer you as some are paid by big Pharma's to make sure you use their path. Do some research about Beck's's quite interesting.

            Another possibility is MMS. It's quite good at taking care of pathogens in your body.

            Good luck!
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              Just read through a couple of websites from Bob Beck and his cures for HIV and cancer

              Oh per-lease!!

              My son who has a physiology degree found it laughable. I found it infuriating.
              As for helping Lupus.....I don't think we want our immune systems 'supercharged' do we!!


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                I have so little time for these things. They should all be banned, such cons. I hate that people can make money out of sick and vulnerable people.


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                  Thanks. To be honest I got suckered into watching more and more on you-tube on this guy... but have chosen not to buy anything. It just seems too far fetched.