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    I was wondering, do any of you have a hot tub or access to one and do you find it helps your symptoms? I have been extremely lucky in that the last two houses I have owned came with one (we weren't actively searching, each time the tub was a bonus!). The current one I have is outdoors (sort of a drawback in some ways) but is pretty top of the line with the massage gears and stuff. I am wondering if I should be using it more often. I have been hesitant to do so because of my recent pericarditis....concern about stressing the heart.....but at the same time I don't keep my hot tub much over 100 degrees F.

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    Hot tubs are out for me. Even as little as 3 minutes in one and I am as limp as a rag. We each react differently though.

    Take care,


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      Originally posted by lazylegs View Post
      Hot tubs are out for me. Even as little as 3 minutes in one and I am as limp as a rag. We each react differently though.
      Wow, this is what happens to folks with MS. Interesting!!!

      For me I love hot tubs and yes they work wonders. I use my friends from time to time. One day I will have my own for sure. :wink2::wink2:


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        I don't have one here, but have used them at swim clubs and at a private camp that we belong to. I always feel so much better after using it. Perhaps the combo of health issues we face that determines the modalities which work best for each of us.


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          I cannot sit in a hot tub, they make me feel so ill. It just saps all my energy that I can barely drag my body out of the hot tub. My muscles go all weak and heavy, I get very dizzy and nauseas. So its definitely a no-no for me.


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            Hot tubs are also a big NO for me too sadly
            Drain all my energy, making me feel weak and muscles go all limp, In fact even a hot bath or anytime i get to hot i feel awful!

            Enjoy your hot tub though, i imagine its really good for easing painful joints

            x x x x


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              As we all know, lupus effects every person differently, which is why you're getting both yes and no answers. For me personally, I love my whirlpool, but I also know that I have to be careful not to get the water too hot. Part of my lupus is chronic inflammation (the lowest my sed rate has been in the last two years was 35), and heat always increases inflammation. I suspect that this chronic, low-grade inflammation (that is below the rheumatologist's radar, as far as he's concerned) is the cause of my nausea, vertigo, fatigue, etc., which is why I actually feel better in the colder parts of the year, and why summer in Texas is pure **** for me. I would recommend that you try the hot tub out some evening, and see how you feel afterward. If you get out and feel faint or dizzy or just plain nasty, it's probably not for you.


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                Hmmm not sure if hot tub is the same as what we call spa here? Anyway mine is great as long as the water is not too hot, otherwise I almost pass out! Good for relaxing tired sore muscles and joints.



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                  I'm not comfortable in a "Hot" tub either.

                  I keep my spa about 92f so I can enjoy it. It's more like a "Warm" tub and it's very soothing for me this way. The jets and air bubbles do the massaging and I'm not sweating the whole time I'm in there. I'm thinking that the hot temps aggravate or create inflammatory conditions in my body where the warm temps don't. Heat does stress the heart so be careful. If you start to feel really tired or weak, it's time to get out!


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                    This is an interesting thread...
                    I have (and use) a Hot Tub on a regular basis.
                    The warmer the better. Seems to relax me and makes my muscles & joints stop "screaming".
                    I find that it makes me feel MUCH better, at the time.

                    But after reading this thread, I wonder if it is actually making me have MORE inflamation (after the fact).
                    Something to watch I guess.


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                      Hi there,

                      They're out for me too. Any form of heat makes me feel exhausted and even nauseous. The massage element is also too much. I can only handle very very light massage from my physio but not even the hydro-jet water bed massage at a low level.



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                        Hot tubs dont bother me as long as the water temp is not too hot.


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                          Originally posted by KarolH View Post
                          Wow, this is what happens to folks with MS. Interesting!!!
                          As Karol indicates - hot water is not helpful for those with neural inflammation. I feel nauseous, faint and limp even on just a hot day - but then I have CNS lupus.



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                            Can I butt in please. Do you all feel lousy after hot showers too? I am finding at times I feel drained after taking a hot shower. It usually happens after I have taken a walk or bike ride and the shower doesn't always happen after the exercise. Sometimes it feels like I can't take deep breathes.

                            Sorry to highjack this thread.


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                              Sometimes, I feel so chilled to the bone that the only way I can get warm is to get in a tub of fairly warm water and soak. But.....if that water is too heart starts pounding, I feel weak and nauseaous and I end up literally crawling out and lying on the bathroom floor for quite some time before I feel strong enough to get up without fainting. I have done this several times not meaning to. I have to be careful about the water temp.

                              Thanks for starting this thread. It just remined me that I need to mention this to the doctor when I go for my first ever Rheumatologist visit next week. I am trying to make my list of symptoms so that I don't forget to tell him everything.