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Lupus and Teeth

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  • Lupus and Teeth

    I was wondering how many people have problems with their teeth or gums due to lupus? I went to see my dentist recently and he told me that my "teeth were loose" and he thinks it is from lupus, or perhaps the medication I am on. I take good care of my teeth and was shocked to hear that there was something wrong with my teeth or gums. The nurse at my doc's office said it is probably from lupus. Has anyone else heard of this or have issues with their teeth?


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    Well, i have to use an inhaler because of allergies, and was not told that i was suppose to rinse after each puff, so at the moment i have a couple of cavities.
    Having said that, i have always had a lot of problems with my teeth, from a young age.
    But since being diagnosed the problems are way worse, i had to see the dentist about something but saw him only 6 months before, he informed me that i now needed 6 crowns, previously only 1.
    I don't know whether it was just a money maker for him or i really need the work done, so i am looking for another dentist, with cheaper rates.
    I do suffer with mouth ulcers, some times every month or so.
    I really do not like going to the dentist, but do so on a regular basis & floss as well. But i am thinking about getting most of them pulled and having dentures.


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      Yup, me, me me.....
      I am the faithful brusher and flosser of my teeth and yet they are falling out of my head.
      My gum's are receding so badly it is just crazy.
      I honestly do not know if it is caused by Lupus or something else but certainly it is no fault of my own.
      It is frustrating and I hope you get it under control, if you do share the secrete.


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        Do you have sjogrens's? When I was reading your post I thought of that. Here is the symptoms listed for it.

        The eyes usually gritty & scratchy, & are sometimes very sensitive to light. A dry mouth can make swallowing dry foods difficult, & can cause tooth decay & problems. Other mucous membranes may be dry including the lining of the stomach and vagina. Joint pains can also be present.
        Sjögren's patients often have very high levels of autoantibodies, especially the anti-Ro antibody.
        I found it here.....

        Take care,


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          I don't know whether lost has it, but that is one of the things that when my test results came back said it could be sjogrens, i do get dry eyes and mouth, not all the time but i do get it. HMMMM


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            Hi Sue,

            Were we twins in a former life? :lol:

            Not a funny subject I know! My dentist found most of my bottom teeth were loose last year. I went through all the usual tests, some kind of special scan which showed I had lost a bit of bone in the area where the teeth were loose. They thought they had better check out the rest of my bones and I had a bone density scan on hips and ankles and they were ok, so it's a mystery. I do have both SLE and Sjogrens as a secondary - but loose teeth? dryness doesn't seem that bad, so who knows what the cause is.

            I did read that some of the anti-seizure meds can cause this and I am on Neurontin, but when I asked my Neurologist he said that wouldn't have caused it. Who knows... maybe he has heard of a link too but thinks I am better off on it and I surely am, rather have loose teeth than the excruciating neuro pain I did have.

            The good thing is that it has not progressed any further at all in a year, and I am having more regular dental check ups. My dentist did say to me that periodontal disease can cause this, but seeing as I don't have that then it's still up in the air why this has happened.

            Good luck, make sure you are thoroughly investigated. I think the test they did to diagnose the bone-loss in my mouth was called an OPG.



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              hi sue
              funny you shoud ask that i have had trouble with my teeth i had perfect teeth untill dx lupus rhanards fibro and sjogrens
              first like you they came loose had 3 deep gum cleans not very nice but try anything to save them but i have lost quite a few
              now and my dentist says i will prob loose more this as made me quite upset i am hopeing i can have inplants got app at dentist
              hospital because dont think i will cope with a full denture but i dont know if they will due to lupus i carnt say it is the lupus
              or not but it dose make you wonder hope you get it sorted out take care.


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                Are any of you tooth grinders? This can cause the perio problems you relate. By "rocking" the teeth grinding, it will cause the loosening you describe. I know this as I am in the more severe cases of grinders. [bruxism for dental people] I also have sle, sjogren's, fibro, asthma, and a few others, and I do use inhalers and try to rinse afterwards. I have had implants put in, and had 1 of the 4 fail. It actually fell out. The dentist I saw about that wanted to put in bone grafting. My rheumy and pulm docs said NO!! He was adamant that it was the ONLY way to treat it, but as the two I see and respect most, were so adamant, I quit going to that dentist. It seemed there was only one way to do anything....his way. We tried to explain that autoimmune diseases preclude using cadaver bone grafts, but he was adamant that he had to use it. I did not have the surgery he wanted to do.....instead went searching for a different dentist.

                The one thing that I don't advise unless it is your only option, is to have everything extracted and dentures made. If the mobility is the result of grinding your teeth, you will continue this trait even if you get dentures.

                What I have found helps to control plaque is to use the Crest Pro Health or Plax pre rinses, then a rebuilding toothpaste, and ACT fluoride [alcohol free] rinse post brushing. If you wear a nightguard, talk to your dentist about how to "sanitize" it of plaque as much as possible. For me, this was the beginning of the downfall of my tooth health. Prior to sjogren's and night guards, I didn't have much trouble with tooth breakdown. No matter how I tried to "kill" the plaque on the nightguard, I could not do it well. I still don't have the answer for this. I soaked my guard in ACT, in PLAX, in hydrogen peroxide, and used denture tablets. Nothing seemed to work well for me. I have given up on wearing the guard as things progressed worse with it than without it. It seemed to trap plaque on the teeth, even tho I had just brushed, flossed and rinsed.

                I'm sorry I don't have better answers other than theories. I wish I had better.


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                  I grind my teeth, more so when i'm stressed and up set.
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                    Hi everyone! You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that I am not the only person with problems with teeth!
                    Keebler, thanks for the heads up on sjogrens, and I can say that at least I do not have that, or rather have never had a dx for it and do not show any of the symptoms of it.
                    Pink thanks for advice on what you use for your teeth. Like Karol I have always looked after my teeth so of course I was horrified to hear about the condition of my teeth now.
                    I have an appointment scheduled to see a dentist who has worked with others who have lupus so I am hoping that he may have some answers. I'll let everyone know how it goes.
                    I will have to ask for a bone-loss test for my teeth now that I know, thanks to Lily.
                    It does make me wonder if there isn't some link be it primary or secondary that sets up lupus patients to have dental issues. Or perhaps our medications? However I am only on MTX at the moment, well that and Oxycontin. I'll keep everyone posted if I learn anything.


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                      Hi Sally, thanks for bringing up the tooth-grinding. It can actually be one cause of loose teeth, but they ruled that one out for me I don't grind them and if I did there would usually be evidence of this on the actual tooth surface, the dentist said I had none of mystery continues!



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                        Lily, With all the current news that most of us are dealing with too little Vit D in the diet.......and the calcium absorption, etc that goes with those two, makes me wonder if there isn't some sort of connection. After all, sun exposure is where we get our Vit D, and we avoid the sun.....SO......... what is the likelihood that the mobility in our teeth is connected there somehow. Should be good for a research study don't you think?

                        Just the ramblings of a lupus mind!


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                          I guess in reality there aren't that many of us with loose teeth though. My Vitamin D is fine and has been for years. I was deficient at one point and we replaced it for 6 months and I've never had a problem since, nor do I take supplements anymore. I avoid the sun, drink lots of low fat milk, eat lots of low fat yoghurt etc etc but I'm allergic to fish :lol: so for me anyway I don't think there's a connection. Food for thought for some though!