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I can't pee!

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  • I can't pee!

    I have a full bladder but I can't pee! The last time that I peed was yesterday afternoon and it's freaking me out a bit! I have been drinking plenty of water, but still no pee. I don't know if this warrants a trip to urgent care or not. I checked my feet, ankles and calves for any signs of edema and didn't notice any and I looked in the mirror to see if my face was puffy and it's not. Anyone ever have this happen before?

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    Hi Janet,

    I think you should seek urgent medical advice.

    Good luck, take care. xx


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      I've no idea, sorry. I'm with Tracy - check it out asap

      Take care, Nellie


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        Well if your worried about it, dont you think you should at least ring your gp's? to see whats what x


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          I have no idea either. It could be a neuro problem; the message not getting through properly. Are you feeling the need to or not?

          In any case I would seek medical advice; it certainly isn't normal. My word, if I had to count the number of times I have to go in a day



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            Hi, you need to get this checked out as a matter of urgency. It places a strain on the heart and kidneys. It could be something simple such as a UTI. Let us know how you get on.


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              Hi Janet,

              I'm sorry to hear this, you must be terrified.
              But this may indeed be a nerve issue with your bladder.

              I have a neurogenic bladder myself, meaning I have issues with frequency, urgency and emptying my bladder.
              My bladder may feel as if it full, while it's not even 'very' full and it feels as if it is and such.

              One day I woke up and I really had to urgently pee, I just couldn't manage to.
              That's when I knew something was wrong.

              Please go to the ER if you cannot manage to pee still.
              But the worst things you can do is stress over it, then it'll definitely not make you manage to pee.

              I do understand your fear though, it's very strange not being able to do things which usually should go smoothly and without thinking/focusing.

              Definitely get this checked out by the ER and if not-
              Mention to Rheumy or GP, it really may need futher investigation by an Urologist.


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                I agree Call you doctor! No urine input can be bad!!


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                  I managed to pee a tiny bit but I still feel like I have a full bladder. I also think that being a little constipated isn't really helping matters, either. I am just counting down the time until all of my daycare kids go home for the day so that I can have some uninterrupted bathroom time! My daughter is home right now but she can't be bothered to keep an eye on them for long enough for me to use the bathroom. It's only another hour and a half. Maybe my husband will be home soon and help me out. If I can't go pee when the kids leave, I'm going to the urgent care center after parent teacher conferences. I just want to pee!


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                    Call your doc. Have you tried running warm water over your hands to try invoking urination? Or maybe put your hands into a small bucket of warm water(while on the toilet).

                    ...Hope things resolve..


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                      Hi, this is called urinary retention and you need to get to the emergency room asap! Hope you get it sorted soon! xxx


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                        Janet, I would definately seek some medical attention ....hope things work out for for you in the end though!


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                          Hi Janet
                          I had this once many years ago. The GP just gave me some muscle relaxant tablet, and problem eased quite quickly. No idea what caused it, and it has never returned!
                          Hope you are ok!


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                            Hi Janet,

                            I hope you can get back to update us soon, it sounds very scary and I hope you have sought medical advice.

                            Cally x


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                              Hi Janet
                              need urgent attention......any lack of abilty pass either urine or bowel movements is urgent hun,inists re child care and go your health comes let us know how u get on when you able.