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Best Places to Live with Lupus

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  • Best Places to Live with Lupus

    I was wondering if anyone knows of climates that are better for people with Lupus. I have found that each winter here in NY my lupus seems to be getting worse and worse. My husband and I are thinking of moving someplace where there is a more temperant climate and I was wondering if there were any studies or even anectodal evidence that climate can help ease some lupus pains.

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    I honestly do not know the answer to this question but I wanted to say that winters are killing me too.
    Some people say that summer is harder on them.........certainly is not harder on me.
    I think we are all different so it may be hard to tell.
    If your body is feeling ill effects from the cold I would guess heading somewhere warmer would be a good choice.
    Sorry you felt so bad this Winter.


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      Wow that is a great questions! My husband and I want to retire in ten years and I have just started to look into that. Living in NE Ohio snow belt is just a little too much for me! But the summers are nice.

      Looking forward to the answers!



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        Yeah I agree this is a great question and I will be interested in reading all the replies!!

        We lived in Adelaide, South Australia when I was diagnosed. I found the hot climate absolutely unbearable. I am extremely photo sensitive and the heat and just the brightness of the sun over there was horrible. I suffered constant migraines and the heat made me very ill and I was basically bed ridden for the hottest month of February. We decided to return to the UK where I find the climate better although I must admit the cold months increase my stiffness but I still feel better here than I was over there.

        Claire x


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          Great question CJ! I haven't read any research on this, but I will keep my eyes peeled!

          I am with you in that cold is a killer for me. Also, my sun sensitivity is not too bad, so I think warmer climates would work better for me. Is there a warmer, but rainier climate? How is Seattle, I wonder? Don't think I hear that it snows there, but I bet if it is cold and rainy, that wouldn't be great either.

          I have had a decent winter here in the UK, though cold is just flat out a pain producer for me, so I just bundle up.

          Any dream places you'd like to live CJ?



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            Ideally I would love to live in a climate that is about 70ish year round without extreme temperature swings. It is the drastic changes that seem to really affect me and the extreme cold and extreme heat that really bother me. Right now, my husband and I are looking at the mid-Atlantic states like the Carolinas but aren't 100% sure.


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              You should also avoid places with loads of sunshine. I live in Cyprus and I was diagnosed last May with SLE after that I've spend my days indoors to avoid the sun and when i dared go out, I had to cover up from top to a climate of 45C that aint the best option. ;\


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                Hi CJ,

                Actually where I live here in Florida is really great in my opinion because you really don't have big temp changes....its beautiful in the fall, winter, and spring. In the summer when it is really hot you can still get out in the early morning or evenings. When its really hot even normal people stay inside during the summer:rotfl::wink2: It is sooo nice today...all the doors open and wonderful

                I was thinking about moving back to Illinois for other reasons....but the cold kills me....and there are few good lupus doctors where I want to move to.....

                The other good thing about florida is there are tons of doctors as all kinds of old people move here or come down here in the winter....the locals call them" snow birds" there are plenty of good doctors.

                Lastly this is the best time to move to florida as the housing market dropped like a rock and there are still all kinds of houses for sale and being foreclosed could get a great house for a great price especially since rates are sooo low. Plus there are no state taxes because they make sooo much money on tourist flocking here every year...

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                  Great question! I've been wondering the same thing! My rheumatologist told me about a patient of his that moved to FL. Her and her husband ended up moving back to MI because the air conditioning affected her really bad (at least with her Raynaud's).

                  My husband doesn't want to stay in MI forever and I've been wondering what AZ or N. Carolina would be like. I have a hard time with changes with weather and I don't like the cold. Well actually, I don't do well with extreme cold or extreme hot weather either. I'm very curious to know where the perfect location would be. I like being in 70 degree weather also.


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                    Hi there

                    I think the answer will be as individual as the people that suffer from the disease. Many say that they are affected by the cold in winter. Personally I'm not at all. I just hurt, it doesn't change with the weather. What does affect me greatly is the heat and sun. Even in Belgium which is a pretty temperate climate it can get too hot here in summer. I love the changing seasons and love nothing more than a cold winter's day with sunshine or the cool spring days...



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                      Well CJ,

                      You could get a temporay 2nd house in FL or anywhere else that is nice in the winter and move back up in the spring.....just like the snow birds do...


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                        I saw that Monica mentioned Seattle, so I thought I'd chime in!

                        I lived in Seattle for about a year before I was diagnosed and then lived there for an addition 4-ish years after I was diagnosed and was able to move back. Personally, I LOVED the climate there. I know that some people are sensitive to humidity or wet/cold weather, but I'm not really one of those people -- if my joints are going to hurt, they're going to hurt regardless of whether it's damp outside or not. I had much less problems with the summers out there because it doesn't get nearly as hot and just doesn't feel as brutal as summers elsewhere. I LOVED that because hot/sunny weather has previously been a big problem for me. In Seattle, I felt like I could actually still go outside and be pretty sure that I wouldn't feel awful afterward. I still take proper precautions with the sun, but it is much easier to handle out there.

                        Now..if you're sensitive to wet weather, then the northwest probably isn't a good place for you! In my opinion, temperatures there feel colder than what I was used to. For example, 50 degrees in Colorado is good enough to wear shorts, but 50 degrees in Seattle still feels cold to me. It's probably the humidity that makes it that way, but I think it's important to note -- because there is such a mild climate there, you get a lot of weather that obviously isn't hot, but isn't freezing either. It is cold enough to feel cold, but it is not so brutal that is makes it tough to breathe or you need a heavy jacket. Personally, I LOVE it...but I know the drizzly weather isn't for everyone out there.


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                          Thanks for your reply Denalirat! Seattle sounds a bit like my experience with the East/West Midlands UK since I've been here. We had a very cold winter here, but I think it was colder than normal. The tendency to rain here means less sunshine overall and I hear that the Spring and Summer months are quite comfortable. I can't wait to see what it's like! And I have never had a better fall/winter since I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Could be coincidence, but I will know better when it starts getting cold here again next year.


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                            Hello i don't know what to do really either because in the winter i was in so much pain with my joints and muscles. Now that it has got warmer and the sun is out more, people are telling me that i will have a bad reaction if i stay out in the sun for to long!! i'm confused! :/


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                              Hiya... I am so much better when abroad in the caribbean than in the UK.. I am very photosensitive so have to cover up and use factor 50 lotions and potions but my joints are far easier ( I actually managed some gentle swimming last year...whoopee) and my circulation better and joy no raynauds so not so many pills......however, they are probably better too because I am resting and not trying to do my usual days chores seems as individual as this disease!!!