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CFL light bulbs and lupus?

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  • CFL light bulbs and lupus?

    I have seen post about cfl light bulbs and that they can effect lupus. Can someone tell me how or why that is or direct me to a site that explains that?

    Cfl bulbs are not the type that they use in tanning booths or those daylight devices that are used for winter depression.

    I have been an avid user of cfl spring lamps since they first came out - they have cut my electric usage by over a third.

    I just do not see how they can be effecting my health or am I over looking something? I alway try to do wherever I can to help the environment.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi Jill,

    Is the thread that you were referring to.?

    I feel that just because we do not feel it on the outside, we really do not know what is going on inside.



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      Hi, if you contact your local lupus support group, they should have more info for you. In the UK, there is a charity called Eclipse that is connected to Lupus UK, that has info on lightbulbs etc and how they affect us.

      Hope this helps.


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        Many lupus patients have a sensitivity to fluorescent type lights. I know I react at one grocery store that uses fluorescent lights and I cannot shop there. By the end of my shopping, I can hardly see to read even with reading glasses. I KNOW I am sensitive to this type of light. It might be that you are one of the lucky ones, but most of us are not able to use these. With all the environmental stuff out, and how popular they will be in the future, some of are not able to use them. Clear it with your doctor and if you are safe, then more power to you!

        When announced that standard bulbs would no longer made, the LFA and UK lupus foundations said that they should be safe. Well, should be, can amount to a lot of different things.

        Run it by your doctors and you may be one for whom that is not a problem.


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          Thanks everone for your input!

          Sally I never said I was not effective by cfl. I just never thought about it and was just looking for more information. My entire home is in cfl's because of the great energy savings and my office is also cfl's.

          I also have relatives that manufaction cfl and if I can proof or provide credible info on this subject I know that he will do what he can to add filters to the glass to shield/limit the undesirable uv rays. I have read that that floresent tube that have covers release less uv rays than thos with no covers. Same with computer monitors that release more uv rays than cfl's.

          Also cfl's are available in different light spectrums and give off different amount of uv rays.

          Cfl's have become safer over the past few years. The better ones do not have mercury vapors they have it in pill form and a smaller amount. So if they break they do not release vapors like the cheap ones do. Not to forget the big tube that have been around for decades always have had mercury in them but I do not recall all the safety precautions when they break years ago.

          I may be effected by them and if that is what is causing my problems I will do what I can to cut the effect.

          Sorry for jumping on cfl band wagon but I just like looking at facts - I am a accountant and like numbers:lol:

          I did some on line research on uv rays and have not found any medical reviews on amount of uv rays that are unhealthy or cause reaction to thoses that are sesitve to them.



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            I don't usually contribute to these forums - but since this is a live issue, I wanted to share my recent experience. I have been increasingly using CFLs because they are supposed to be environmentally kinder as well as because they are cheaper in electricity use.

            But over the last two years - as my use of CFLs has increased, my lupus has got steadily worse. I was not aware of any link - but I have noted that I am BETTER when I am camping in the Summer, than when I am at home. I am also much worse in the winter. So I began to research potential causes and came up with 2.

            1. A Vitamin D deficiency that s corrected while camping (even though I use mountains of sunscreen)???
            2. CFLs - which apparently differ significantly in the amount of UVB and UVA1 and UVA2 they emit, even if they are shielded??? The closer you are to them, the worse can be the effects - which are not just on the skin. The ones to worry about are (apparently) UVA2 and UVB. There is some evidence that UVA1 can be good for people with Lupus.

            I have done 2 things simultaneously in response:

            1. I am taking a big dose supplement of Vitamin D
            2. I have removed all CFLs from my house (which is a cottage and has low ceilings - so I was often close to them).

            Of course - this is VERY UNSCIENTIFIC - I should have done these things one at a time - and it is in any case possible that a long term flare was subsiding (so that neither has had any beneficial effect). But after a week of no CFLs and 2 weeks of high dose Vitamin D - I feel much better - less joint pain and more energy. I'm not going to experiment with myself by stopping one or the other.... I'm just happy to be feeling good. Maybe someone else might introduce these changes one at a time as see what happens?