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  • probiotics

    Weakened Immune System
    People who have weak immune systems should not take probiotics. A weak immune system may occur due to an autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, or treatment with chemotherapy or immunosuppressive drugs. Reduced immune-system function limits your body's ability to fight off infection. Consequently, people with weakened immune systems who take probiotics may be at risk of developing severe infections

    I have been taking probiotics for a long time an did not know this I thought it was good for the immune system. Maybe thats why I got pneumonia. I will be stopping these today

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    Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. My sister thought I should try it after I finished my antibiotic but i was skeptical. She is big on holistic unproven stuff. Her intentions are honorable and I do love her dearly.

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      Yes my friend just suggested that after I got a bit of an upset stomach from antibiotics. That's interesting. I think while family and even health food experts know that these things are helpful it's important to look into whether it's helpful for us.
      I know that when I was first diagnosed a health food store recommened echinicea to my mum for me and it wasn't till later that she found out we're not meant to talke that. Of course nowadays it's all easy to access info on the internet


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        Autoimmune diseases are overactive immune systems attacking healthy cells. Yes some treatments do try to suppress the overactive immune system. Lupus is not under active immune systems IT IS OVERACTiVE. I know that sounds wrong and a little crazy - but that is a fact.

        When I just had Alopcia Areata I never got a common cold because I had a strong immune system, yet too strong for my hair follicles. My immune system kept attacking my hair follicles until my hair fell out. It was after a car accident the my immune system started attacking my joints and skin. Now i take Drugs to weaken my immune system to counter act the Lupus.

        I know nothing about the probiotics and how it effect a the immune system.


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          Thanks for the clarification.



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            Agreed that Al diseases involve having an overreactive immune system. The drugs we take are designed to knock down that overactivity to some extent. Getting that balance right is the trick. That's why when you get an infection while on X-amount of an immunodepressant, your dr may stop (or lower) your dosage short-term and possibly prescribe steroids and/or antibiotics. As a rescue measure. Drs prescribe X-amount of a drug but how you react can be touch-and-go. To be revised when you report back. Too many people just take the drug and don't even think to report back when they have problems. The dr needs the feedback when you feel a need to report same. Seeing you again in 6 months is just rule-of thumb. Many times the staff are the go-to people.

            Antibiotics kill bacteria, both good and bad. After treatment with same l think that putting back some of the good bacteria in your gut with yogurt or probiotics is a good idea. Short-term and occasional=good. Long-term and/or to prevent disease, not so much.


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              I've been advised to TAKE probiotics as there is a school of thought that possible causes or triggers of the disease itself or flares may be caused by weakened gut lining, which probiotics can help to strengthen. I've been taking it in capsule form for the past 6 months or so and not noticed any adverse affect.

              Whether it actually helps or not is another matter! Someone else is paying for my probiotics so I'm happy to try it, but if I had to pay myself I wouldn't bother as I am sceptical about their worth.