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  • medical bracelet

    It has been brought to my attention that I should have a medical ID bracelet with my condition and steroid use...for emergency responders to be aware of. I will be doing some traveling, so maybe I should think about it.
    Anyone have these and is it necessary or actually useful? What else should go on it and how would you go about getting one?

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    Hi Kerry,

    It's something I've thought of myself a few times, but haven't. I should though, just for the steroid use really, I wouldn't be as concerned about the rest of my meds.

    Here is a previous thread on the subject and there are a few links to other threads in that too



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      Im not sure about your system but here I used to have a steriod card. They just wrote the dose on it. At the time though I was changing so much that it became a crossed out mess and as a young person I didnt really have any interest keeping it safe so no idea where it is now. A medical braclet may be more useable


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        Good link Nellie, thanks.
        Kerry I think you should get one, a very good idea.


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          I carry a Medic Alert bracelet with my condition and all my meds that I take. I take allot . It really helps first responders. I live in a small community, so, I do not wear it locally. If I leave for a day or longer I wear it all the time. They are really good about keeping your information current as long as you call and let them know the changes.



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