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Coffee and prednisone

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  • Coffee and prednisone

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this but it's more about the coffee than the prednisone

    For a wee while now I've been feeling quite a strong heart beat and a couple of times it's been quite fast - not exceptionally so but just a bit more than I noramlly would be. I went to my GP and she didnt seem to think there was anything to worry about but has agreed to set up an appt for a ECG monitoring over 24 hours.

    However, I was just looking at coffee drinking (recently I've started probably drinking a bit more coffee at work - it's more about having the coffee break with my workmates to get me through the day rather than the coffee itself). and I just wondered if anyone has had a huge effect of this. When I googled it I found something about steroids however, I think this was more about the gym junkie kind than the prescription kind lol.

    Anyway just wanted to hear from anyones personal experience

    (as a side note I haven't had a coffee for 2 days and I'm not sure if I notice a difference or not. The heart rate fluctuates so some days it's noticeable, other days it's not anyways)

    Thanks heaps!

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    I take predsonone not sure of the affect with coffee but I personally didn't like too much cafeine and it really didnt agree with em so went over to decaf coffee and do feel better for it. Maybe something worth trying.


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      Hi, caffeine in any drink and things such as high energy drinks can all cause palpitations and so should be avoided if you have a problem in this area. My cardio gave me thiss advice. Strong coffee can be a culprit, but I had never realised that drinks such as lucozade, could have the same effect, although I don't drink them anyway!!


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        Thanks for the advice. I avoid caffeinated drinks like red bull or V as they have quite an effect. I have also found that instant coffee has quite a result! However, things like flavoured coffee dont seem to affect me. But I know when I used to go out for "coffee" i used to usually get hot chocolate - at a maximum I may have had 1 cup of coffee per week (prob more like 1 every 2 weeks). Now it's probably 2 a week at least.

        Will try to avoid anyways - it's something that's easily cut out and probably much healthier for me anyway