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jobs a lupus patient can do

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  • jobs a lupus patient can do

    m having lupus for the past 6yrs and m pretty confused about the kind of jobs i can take up...

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    I believe it all depends on how you feel, and what you can handle most of the time. Everyone is different.

    Most importantly, job flexibility is a key factor. It's hard to find an employer these days that will be understanding if you need to take a lot of time off when you aren't feeling well.

    My employer is great - but sometimes I feel even they have their limits!


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      Hi there,

      Yes indeed, it varies a whole lot just like the disease. With correct treatment many lupus patients achieve a great deal of relief and can do "normal" jobs quite easily. On the other hand, some of us just can't. I'm lucky in that I am self employed and work from home which means great flexibility.

      What treatment are you currently on and how does lupus affect you?

      bye for now,


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        i started taking steroids from last sept...i feel a lot better as long as m under medication.m in my final yr engineering so i really don know my health s gonna respond after joining any software company...


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          I do a very small amount of work, often from bed. All I need is laptop and phone. I coud never manage for an Employer, but do a very little work for my Son.
          x Lola


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            radhika - Most programmers (assuming you're headed for that) have the ability to have flexible time within an hour or so for arrival. It depends on the company how they might feel about your illness, I wouldn't tell them until after you are hired. They aren't supposed to discriminate but I wouldn't count on it. With FMLA - if you are in the states - they HAVE to hold you a job for up to 3 months if you need a short term disability time out. I've used that about 3 times in the last 5 years. I work for one of the best (in my opinion) companies in the US and they have recently moved me down from programming to being on the testing team because of my concentration issues - which I don't mind at ALL.