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Psoriasis and Lupus

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  • Psoriasis and Lupus

    I was diagnosed with Psoriasis in 1993..I had it longer than that, but that was when I was DX'd. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2010. I went to my Rheumy yesterday and he was typing on his computer and half listening to me as usual. Well he said I needed to stay on my Plaquenil and that he also was going to give me Methotrexate. About that time he saw the Psoriasis on my elbow and he says to me.." You have Psoriasis?" I was like.."Well yeah, it's in my chart..I have been seeing you for 3 years now!" So he said " Well at your age now it is unlikely to have SLE, it is probably Psoriatic Arthritis." I am so confused. I think I need to find another Rheumy. He still gave me the same meds but changed my diagnosis to Psoriatic Arthropathy. WTH!! I feel like I am going crazy. Please help! Thanks in advance for listening. :-)

    Thanks everyone,


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    Oh my Shelly!

    Well at your age now it is unlikely to have SLE, it is probably Psoriatic Arthritis.
    What age does he think lupus goes after then?:ohno:

    Getting a second opinion might be in order? He apparently doesn't read patient charts?

    Take care,


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      I agree about a second opinion. I don't think he knows what he is talking about. My age and Lupus shouldn't even be a factor. I am so tired of these doctors not listening to me. I also told him I had severe headaches with nausea and it had been going on since around November 7th and I was taken by ambulance to ER on November 16th. He refused to give me anything for my headaches and gave me 20 Zolfan pills for nausea and said that would make my headaches go away. I told him that Zolfan was for nausea not headaches and he just walked out of the room. I think I need to find a NEW Rheumy. Thanks for moving my post for me. I am so new to this I don't even know how to work this site, join a group or even put something in the right place. LOL!!

      Thank you so much for everything,



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        Hi Shelly,

        Do not worry about posting and placing them in the right place.
        When I moved your post, I ended up moving the whole thread!
        So I moved it back and finally just moved your post. :lol:

        Yep, it sounds like a second opinion is in order for you.

        Take care,