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MonaVie Active Drink?

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  • MonaVie Active Drink?

    Has anyone tried this MonaVie drink? Some friends have introduced it to me and it sounds like a miracle type drink but not sure if I totally buy the whole thing. It sounds like it would help those of us with Lupus because it can help with joint pain and has 18 servings of fruits and veggies in each serving (4 oz). It tastes ok, nothing spectactular.

    Just wondering if anyone is taking this and if you notice a difference.

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    I would love to hear more stories about this. I've heard tons of great things about it but am very leary to try it with Lupus.


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      I agree with you. I am leary on trying anything with Lupus because you just never know what will happen or how your body will react. Thus the reason I am kind of looking around to see if anyone with Lupus has tried it and if anyone had any luck with it.


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        Am never that impressed with these types of things as I worry what is in them. I have to admit though when i was completely dibilitated i did juice all of my own fruits and veggies and truly believe that contributed to me getting as well as I did.

        The other point though is if this drink is pasturised at all it will not be as nutricially beneficial as making your own would.


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          I can only say that there is no way I would waste my money on multilevel marketing/ pyramid selling schemes like this. The site makes it clear that the stuff is not for treating any disease but there is a lot about how to make money selling it.

          Begin achieving renewed health and financial well-being today by enjoying and sharing MonaVie with others.
          Does this stink or what?

          There is no reason to think that increasing intake of antioxidants and so on will lead to health benefits. In my opinion there are many dietary changes we can make to improve our health, reduce inflammation and reduce the increased risks that lupus brings.

          Take care



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            Ohh my Lord!! I thought it was a little American vegitable drink . I am so naive. No don't get involved. Buy a juicer and drink healthy stuff you make yourself. There is no magic bullet


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              Today I was perusing the web when I came across this message board. I don't know if this helps but someone shared Monavie Active with me and I checked it out and thought I would give it to my mother that has severe fybromyalgia (her flareups lasted 5 weeks straight). It has been 2 years now and she has not had a flareup since. I couldn't take it away from her if I tried. It is great to see my Mom have her life back. Again I hope this helps..


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                Wow they sound very dodgy to me

                I blend fruit with either lacto free milk or juice to make smoothies. It's a whole load cheaper than buying ready made stuff and it only takes a few minutes to prepare. Very tasty and I know exactly whats in them

                Elle x


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                  Eat fresh (or frozen) fruits and veggies and skip the "miracle cure". As soon as somebody tells me about a product that completely cured a relative or friend of some deadly disease, I just run the other direction. All that stuff is a total crock and waste of money. In my opinion people who come up with these schemes should be prosecuted.

                  (that sounded a bit grumpy, didn't it?)