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  • Depo-medrol Injections

    I saw my rheumie last week. She didn't care to ask to much about how I was doing but I explained my shoulders have been giving be alot of pain and pain going down my neck. She was more concerning about my breathing issues as I've been a little short of breath but explained when I get a shot it helps alot with all my joint pain and everthing else. She wanted to know how I felt after the shot. I explained I felt like a new person. But she refused to give me a shot because she said she didn't want to kill me. Say what.... I've been having shots like every other month. (I flare all the time)How often can you have them? She wants me to have a PFT test for now to see why I'm having trouble breathing. I do have asthma. I'm just confused.:sad:

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    Hiya.. are you on other meds too?


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      Yes, I'm on Aza and Plaquenil/Advair/Zopenex/cymbalta/zonegran
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        Hi, sorry you are confused after your appt. Maybe she observed something about your breathing that concerned her? It is good to have a LFT even as a baseline. They can pick up quite a few problems from this test. Maybe you could call her to explain about the steroid shot if it isn't clear. Or you could ask your gp.

        You are only supposed to have so many steroid shots a year. Maybe she wanted you to have the test while you were off the steroids? I hope you get answers to your question.

        Take care