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Diet & Anticoagulation

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    Clare I warfarin comes with no warnings... My clinic though is good...My phamacy is very good lucky but i do have to watch cough meds that you buy on a shop floor as they really do upset my INR....I think my INR is unstable not through diet but more because my lupus has never stabled they are always changing drugs and i have not quite worked out how to have a remission :sad: but im working on it......


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      Thanks for the information and thank God I donít have any problem in drinking that juice but never had till date.


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        Hi Rosemary

        Went to NZ 2011 for the Rugby World Cup most of my family live there what an awesome place to live.


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          I just browsed through this post. Couple things....

          1. How are you ladies able to self test??? I'm on Coumadin and have to go to the clinic every other day! What a pain. LOL I've had unstable INRs since starting Coumadin in April. July, it was believed I might have toxicity, so I went off and started Lovenox. I just started back on Coumadin 3 days ago and keep a journal, but it's looking more like a lifelong thing, and I just hate going in all the time!

          2. I was told by my Coumadin clinic to definitely not change my diet. That the medication would be adjusted to accommodate what is normal for me to eat. I had the best doc in Germany when I started Coumadin who said our lives would have enough no's, food shouldn't be another one of them. However, just be aware that overconsumption can cause crazy things to happen and be aware.

          Thanks all!!!!