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Best facial moisturizer for sensitive Lupus skin?

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  • Best facial moisturizer for sensitive Lupus skin?

    I keep trying facial moisturizers (even body moisturizers) and they're all burning my face (and since I burn from next to no light, I'm chalking this conundrum up to something Lupus related.) Has anybody else come across a similar situation and, if so, which products work w/o irritation?

    At one point I was thinking of buying an anti-aging (or repair the signs of aging...whatever they're called, lol) facial moisturizer to use on my face, upper chest and hands, but nearly all of them say that due to AHAs and like ingredients they can cause--and here's a euphemism--"a slight tingling or burning sensation, or possibly temporary reddening of the skin which should lessen..." which may mean having to space out using it more or discontinuing use altogether.

    Optimally, as I'm turning 38 in a little over a month, I'd like to find something that doesn't hurt/tingle or burn, yet still moisturizes away those few fine lines:rotfl: Besides, living in the desert people don't age so much as turn into living, walking people-jerky, so I'd like to avoid that as well

    Thanks so much!

    P.s. Of the more or less natural products I've checked out--the Say Yes to Carrots line, Kiss My Face, Burt's Bees and home remedies/recipes, the active ingredients I'm seeing are mainly: Aloe (which doesn't do enough on its own,) Calendula--aka Marigold mixed with the oil from a capsule of Primrose carried in Jojoba, Blueberries and sometimes Papaya.

    (I wonder if there's a "pale as a ghost" or vampire or a wolf/"lupus" smiley someplace to find and use here since I'm so intensely dark-dependent these days....)

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    Hi there,

    I use Arbonne FC5 Range and find no burning and my skin is very sensitive/photosensitive - this range is also vegetarian/vegan and extremely good with not having many of the nasty chemicals that most Cosmetic companies use in manufacture.

    They do many ranges

    It is really hard finding one that suits...good luck!


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      I use the Clinique anti-red range, which soothes the skin at the same time. I'm sure if you were to go into a department store you could ask at some of the counters for some samples to try out, which would mean you could 'try before you buy'!

      Good luck on your quest!


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        I use Avenoe cream and find its good for everywhere. Face, body, legs, arms & dry lips. My Doctor prescribed it for me orignally as I had a mouth and chin rash but you can buy it anywhere almost.



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          I am highly sensitive to metal and can not wear most jewelry. I have found that many make up products especially powders contain metal by products that cause a long lasting burning sensation on my skin (can not wash it away). I have had very little problems with Clinique products. The some anti aging products have an acid that removes layers of skin. I am temporary sensitive to that.



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            i find the any of the moisturizers from the 'simple' range work great, and are cheap too! if you don't mind spending a bit more however i would suggest lush :-) they do fab moisturizers!


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              I use CeraVe facial wash and moisturizer. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist because I had the burning skin and an ingredient in the lotion replenishes what us lupies are lacking. Hope you find some relief soon.


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                I use the Olay - Total Effects SPF 30 for sensitive skin for my moisturizer. I agree - I'm 39, and finding something that a) has a sunscreen that's high enough, b) promises to help with some of those "early signs", and c) also doesn't irritate is a challenge.

                At night, when sunscreen isn't an issue, I mix in a bit of the Philosophy "Help Me" retinol cream with the Cetaphil moisturizer. The Philosophy stuff is pretty strong, but because it's meant to be mixed with a regular moisturizer, I can dilute it down to a non-irritiating level.

                It's hard to find something that works for you - and expensive to keep trying different options, so it's a good idea to ask at cosmetic counters if samples are available before you buy.

                Good luck with the search!



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                  I use Sunsense ultra SPF 50 as a sunscreen. made by Australians, they know a bit about sun protection.
                  As a general moisturiser I use Dermatological E45, easily absorbed and non-allergenic.

                  Good luck



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                    Last night I checked at Sprouts, World Market and Nature's Remedy for the Arbonne, but no dice (it would've been my first choice, probably, due to being vegan/not tested on animals or animal derived. Along that line, I'd considered Avon for a spell, but decided I'm not comfortable being goaded into when I have to buy something again, so I skipped Avon.) Clinique (for now, at least,) is out of my price range (a sigh and a shrug, lol,) and Olay is scented. So I was happy to find CeraVe PM for $13 for 4 ounces, figuring if it works, I'll give the AM version a try (although Ewan makes a great point, so it might be facial moisture cream and the bigger, less expensive body cream on at night and high-power sunblock during the day.)

                    So what's it like: Completely odorless, very light and somehow hyper-moisturizing, a little goes a long way (even when following the bottle's instructions to apply liberally, with just 7 pumps I was able to do my face, ears, full neck, decolletage, and hands--everywhere where I figured skin-related aging would show.) Positively no stinging, burning or other kind of skin reaction. I didn't wash it off this morning b/c there's nothing to wash off, it's just left my skin very, very smooth. It hasn't magically erased so-called "expression" lines, aka forehead wrinkles, nose wrinkles or "marionette lines," but I think the product, if used faithfully, has the potential to make a considerable difference in probably a month, with noticeable improvement in a week. So, I'm using this in tandem with a Neutrogena anti-aging face wash and using this nylon scrubbie cloth for exfoliating and it seems to be working

                    It's a funny thing, but with sensitive skin I can't just put on a bit of makeup to give my look a lift, taking care and trying for good, smooth, clear skin has to replace the effect makeup could impart. Color and ornamentation will have to come through whatever I do with my hair as well as earrings...and hopefully, someday, some new dresses, lol! (I'll either have to learn to sew a simple maxi dress for someone with a large bust, figure out how to do a maxi skirt w/ a separate top, or, like last week, consider crossing cultural divides and don a sari (which may have a few downfalls--gauziness, sometimes, or if there's a style of folding that's tough to master.) I love the colors of saris, although I know I'd likely attract stares (but people already do that due to the large black hat, boxy black jacket, navy headscarf and sometimes gloves that are my light protection.)

                    I have to laugh a little ironically--here in Arizona Summer seems to be preceded by a rash of robberies by people who've wrapped their head/necks with occluding scarves, etc. Every time I see one I groan a little and think, "So what am I going to do to make me/my outfit look non-intimidating/friendlier?" I've a start--presently I'm wearing 4 Beatles buttons on one side of the jacked on the front & I've had more people let down their defenses and coo that they like The Beatles, too, in 2 short weeks than in all of last year hunting for suggestions. I like The Beatles but I wouldn't normally go out of my way to have something "Beatle-ish" viewable from all angles, but if it keeps me safe and keeps people from calling security just from profiling me by my outfit, it's worth it:lol

                    By the by, specialk16, I *Love* the idea that we're "lupies!" Carol Kane plays a character in the movie "Transylvania 6-5000" named Lupie and she lives up to the "loopy-ness" of it in the part of a silly, laugh out loud maid. It probably helps that she's in another favorite movie, "The Princess Bride"-- so allegorical for living with autoimmune diseases, lol. It's kind of, "O.k., fire, quicksand, rodents of unusual size...check! The Cliffs of Insanity and The Pit of Despair...check!"

                    Thanks, all, so much!!!
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                      I use the Clarins range I find the the face treatment oil is fantastic even helping me spare the amount of steroid cream I have to use on my malar rash.


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                        With respect to may find the the respresentatives in your area if you can locate them will provide you with free samples - I forgot to say this is not a product available via the shops 'sorry'. I'm sure if you try googling you can locate all the inforamtion for your country and location!


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                          My skin is rather sensitive and if I use regular sunblock, it gives me rashes dries out my skin. For sunblock I used Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 PA+++. It's almost like liquid and absorbs into the skin very quickly. I'm absolutely in love with it. I'm also using their regular Skincare Night Moisture Recharge and it hasn't given my skin a problem. I've been using that one for months now. The night moisture may or may not go with your skin. But I definitely would give their sunblock a try.


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                            If you are in the UK, then head to Neal's Yard Remedies. They have stores all over the place. I use a cream on my facial eczema called Calendula cream that almost totally took away years of red, flaking and itching (although I'm not sensitive otherwise).

                            They are very knowledgeable, so worth a try.