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ANA & Plaquenil

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  • ANA & Plaquenil

    I just got my check up blood tests of lupus tests (anti DNA, C3,C4, ANA) after taking 6 months of Plaquenil. All are negative, even sed rate is normal, - Which over the summer I had high ANA, and sed rate.

    My rheum has been treating me for lupus/sjogrens since July. I also have vasculitis. She told me 2 months ago when I got severe raynauds that I do have lupus & sjogrens. Now my tests are normal does that mean now I may have to go over this waiting game all over again? Or can Plaquenil cause autoimmune tests to be negative. This past year has been horribly draining on me and so stressful over all this. I will see my rheum this coming Friday but now I'm anxious now that I will have to relive the whole "undiagnosed thing" again. And now my husband is so happy and said "Maybe you don't have lupus". I'm sure I don't need to explain to any of you how that feels.

    Sorry to rant on about my personal problems. I just wanted to know if Plaque can make your tests change?

    Thank you so much for any thoughts, opinions!

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    Hi there,

    I have lupus but not the other conditions you have. Yes, Plaquinel can affect your test results - but it's a positive thing and means that it is helping you.

    I've been taking Plaquinel for 18 months and all my tests are now completely normal. I had one positive ANA test right before I started taking it and I've never had one since. My compliments were also low but have since stabilised and my sed rate just doen't go up anymore. You still need to be regularly monitored but it could mean that you are stable.

    I recently had a flare and all my tests still remained normal. Keep us posted on how it goes with your Rheumy on Friday.


    Pam xxx


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      Thank you so much for this post.

      I have had a similar thing happen and am a bit confused. Happily got an appointment at the end of the month and hope all will be explained. Glad I'm not the only one wondering why test results have changed.

      I have been taking Plaquenil about 9 months I think. (Still forgetful, but really well compared to the past right now)


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        Plaquenil's job is to slow down the lupus and this is good that your results are all back to "normal". I am guessing that you are not having any major symptoms at this point in time? I ask because sometimes our blood tests do not reflect what is going on in our bodies.

        Most Rheumatologists will not keep running all the "lupus tests" once the patient is diagnosed or after a couple of years. I know my current Rheumy did run them 1 or 2 more times just to make sure nothing else was evolving and to make sure before he put me on an RA drug that generally isn't used in patients who have positive results at some time for the anti-dsdna and one other I think.

        Despite what one might think reading the message boards here, Plaquenil and an anti-inflammatory are often all most lupus patients need to control their disease. This is good news for you.

        Take care,


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          Thanks for your posts.

          The blood tests really didn't seem to matter now because it was soo cold in her office my feet were dark purple and she was very concerned about my Raynauds. She said she does not like to see that and is concerned about my fingers and toes. I asked again what do I have and it is still lupus/sjogrens. - I guess I still can't believe that I actually have this disease. I keep thinking she is going to "take it back". We have to now find a better medicine to control the raynauds because Procardia is doing absolutely nothing for me:worried:


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            What dose of Procardia are you taking? My regular dose is 60mg but I can go up to 120mg on bad days. I also have nitroglycerin ointment for when I am having an attack or my finger tips/tips of toes start to hurt. I know there was a recent study on nitroglycerin gel for controlling Raynauds but I am not sure what the results were.

            The other medication that works well for Raynauds is Viagra. Yes I mean Viagra the medication for men. The problem usually is getting your insurance company to cover it.

            Take care,