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Baclofen - how long did it take to work for you?

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  • Baclofen - how long did it take to work for you?

    Just wanted to pick the brains of anyone who has had baclofen work for muscle spasms/tightness before?

    I have been on it for a little less than 3 week, 30mg/day, about maybe 2-2.5 weeks I started to notice somewhat of a reduction in muscle pain/tension, but it has not gone away. Could just be a random waxing and waning of pain though. So I don't know if it is working or not.

    So my question to you, how long did it take for Baclofen to kick in for you?

    What dd the results of the baclofen feel like? (I know weird question - but I want to pin down whether or not it is working).

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was on Baclofen a long time ago and with my memory being so bad forgive me for not being exact when I answer your question.
    I want to say it took about 2 months for me to notice FULL effect of the drug and it helped keep the muscles from cramping up and locking up.
    Muscle tension went away and it worked well for a long time.
    I eventually went on to a different drug because after being on it so long it stopped working as well.
    Good luck. I think you will find it very helpful.


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      What side effects did either of you have? My muscles relaxers help some but they are not for long term use so Baclofen is being kicked around as a possibility. Also does it increase your weakness or just relax the muscles?

      Take care,


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        Thanks for your reply. Maybe it sounds similar to what I am experiencing then. I am taking 10mg three times per day. I have hopes that it is working becuase if I take the three doses closer in the day (and not one right before I go to sleep but maybe two hours earlier) I wake up with stiffness. But if I spread them out more and take the afternoon one late and the night one right before going to bed I wake up feeling like I have less stiffness. So, maybe 30mg/day isn't enough for me. I also when I first started taking it had an initial first feeling of relief of tension but that went away after a day or two.

        I did read that Baclofen seems to start to wear off in some people after a while, and some people get a baclofen pump because there is a certain amount over which you can't take it orally. I will keep my fingers crossed that it is working though.


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          I had next to no side effects. The ones I did have were quite small. I have a trouble stomach which means there are a lot of meds I can't take. At the very begining baclofen hurt my stomach a bit, so I took it with food. But now I can take it with out food with no problems.

          Also, I had to build it up slowly, because it caused a lot of drowsiness during the build up... was ready to pack it in early each night. But that went away once my body got adjusted to the new incriments and is 100% gone now.

          Only really battled with the side effects for about one week now three weeks in I have no side effects. Not sure how it's like for the long term though. And I would think everyone should act differently to it, but from what I understand in general it is a more easily tolerable medication than a lot of others.


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            LazyLegs the side effects were minimal and it really did help a lot.
            After a while I just built up a resistance so to speak and they had to switch it up and tweek meds a bit.
            It did NOT increase muscle weakness but just helped with cramping and locking up stuff.
            Good luck and give it a may very well be glad you did.