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Amitriptyline and Prozac ( Fibro)

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  • Amitriptyline and Prozac ( Fibro)

    Hello All,

    Lately i have had a new presciption for my fibromyalgia, because i was having bad side effects from the cymbalta that seemed to work so well. Even after weening off of cymbalta I didn't not experience any fibro pain for a while until recently. So my doc put me on amytriptyline(sp?) a different type of anti depression than cymbalta.
    So i'm discovering the ami doesn't work as well as the cymbalta.

    I have googled,n prescriptions that work rid fibro pain and have been runing into prozac and ami. How the two together may cancel out the drowsiness you get from ami and the jitters you can get from prozac but also rids the fibro pain.

    Has anyone been given this cocktail to help rid Fibromyalgia??

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Sadi,

    I take amitriptyline. It did make me so drowsy that I couldn't keep my eyes open the next day. I talked to my GP and he said give it a week or two. Your body needs to get use to it and adjust.
    I am glad I listened to him, it works great for me.
    I take it at bedtime to help me sleep.

    How long have you been trying it?

    Take care,


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      Hi Lyn,

      Yes your right, it does take a while for the body to adjust.

      But i have been on it for over a month now,, and the major sleepiness has subsided to "i need a cup of coffee". It used to be i drank 2 cups of coffee and went back to bed to sleep 3 more hours.

      I was just wondering if any one is taking the amitriptyline and prozac together and see if it works for fibromyalgia.

      Thanks for your response.


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        I have just been put on Amitripyline. I am already on Prozac. It makes my sleep a lot better. I am not sure if the mix together will help my Fibromyalgia time will tell. How are you? How long have you been on them together?


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          Hi Katherine and :welcome: to the site.

          Some of us, me included, take that mix of meds to help with fibro.

          This is a very old thread; perhaps you would like to start a new one and introduce yourself?

          Take care.


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            Hi Katharine and welcome to the forum.

            This thread is very old (2008)
            You might like to start your own thread.
            Take care,