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Started Imuran, have a question....

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  • Started Imuran, have a question....

    My Lupus was under control for a long time, but recently it started to get out of control so my doc had me start Prednisone 40mgx5 days, then 30 x5 days, then 20x5 etc, but at the same time he started me with Imuran. His goal is to get me off Prednisone, but stay on Imuran and try to control the outbreak.

    I was wondering is it safe to take Prednisone and Imuran together at the same time, or should I wait couple of hours after taking Prednisone? I was planing on taking Prednisone in the early morning, then at lunch hour after I eat I could take Imuran to give my body a break from all these hard-core medications?

    What do you guys recommend?

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    Hi Blue,

    I've never been on those doses together, but can tell you that I usually try to take Imuran (all doses) at bed time as it make my stomach flip flop.. and you taking the pred during the day makes sense because thats when we need energy the most!

    Good luck to you!



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      Hi there,

      I have no idea what is recommended but my morning meds are Imuran, plaquenil, prednisolone, tegretol, vitamin B and aspirin. If I had to separate them all I'd never do anything else, so yep, I take them together.

      Otherwise I was told to take my Imuran three times a day. The only dose that isn't "with" something else is the lunch time one.

      Do make sure to start slowly and build up as some people experience nausea in the beginning.

      As I say, I have no idea what's recommended but I have a very careful rheumy and she's never said a word about taking them apart.



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        I'm sorry your lupus has taken a turn for the worse but glad your doctor is onto it.

        I was advised to take my Imuran after the evening meal to lessen the possibility of nausea. Many people find it helps a bit with sleep although there's nothing about that in the literature. Start the Imuran very slowly - if you do feel nausea reduce the dose until it's OK. You should consult your doctor about this if need be.

        All I know about Prednisone is that it's best taken in the morning. I have never read that they shouldn't be taken together. I think the Imuran takes about 8-12 weeks to take effect so a short course of Prednisone might not be enough.
        You should have blood tests very regularly at first to make sure the Imuran isn't affecting your blood or liver.
        Nobody wants to take medicines or take more than necessary. But it is essential to try to get the disease under control as fast as possible so an aggressive approach is best. Lupus is potentially an extreme hard core disease!

        I hope these medicines will do the trick.
        Good luck


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          I have taken together.

          When I started Immuran, I started one in the morning and one at night.

          For me, I usually take in the morning when I am trying a pill for the first time - only because I usually have the adverse effect of things keeping me up all night.

          You can always call and ask your doctor for his suggestion.


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            i can only say how i take them, i take the 150mg of azathioprine am with the prednislone, sometimes its lunch time, depends if i forget, nothing as happend to me..........

            Lin xxxxxxxxx


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              Please, please be careful to get your bloodwork done as often as your ddoctor suggests. I got bloodwork, cbc, cmp, sed rate,etc done every six weeks while I was on it. I got anemia from the imuran, and they had totake me off of it. My hemoglobin was down to five and they couldn't believe I was still walking. I hardly was. This is very serious. Nowthat I am back off of the imuran my blood counts are fine. I don't regret being on it, it really helped me function and feel better all the years I was on it. I'm just glad they caught it. Hugs, jen:worried:


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                Hello, Just to let you know, i take my prednisalone in the morning to get me going, then my imuran with my evening meal i have had no problems at all.


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                  I also take both prednisone and Imuran together.
                  hope you will feel better soon.

                  Best wishes,


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                    I also take my Imuran with my other meds. I take one in the morning and the second with my noon meds. I have been very fortunate in that I have not had any side effects. I started out taking one pill in the AM for a week, then increase it if no problems. If you have problems with the Imuran, then be sure to talk to the docs, that way they can adjust it as needed.

                    Good luck