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Travelling With Methotrexate (Suspension)

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  • Travelling With Methotrexate (Suspension)


    As some of you know I'm going to Australia in a couple of months woop!!

    However I have to take a months worth of pre filled methotrexate syringes with me and my nurse said they need to be kept cool (obviously I keep them in the fridge at home)...So was wondering if anyone knows any good like cool bag things for meds? My sister has one for her insuline but it doesnt fit my syringes in.

    Thanks for any help xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :love:

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    In many baby stores they sell cool packs that you freeze prior to useage they can be refrigeratored after freezing to exten cold time, but I believe they will keep baby bottles cold for 8 hours. They may be big enough for you syringes....

    I hope this helps - Stephanie


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      Hey Mooks , glad to hear that you are going to Australia. I know you will enjoy your trip. Too bad Lily lives so far in the Outback, LOL , 'cuz it would be nice to meet her I'm sure.
      RE: your MTX. It may be alot easier for you to revert back to the pill form just for the duration of your trip ( easier to deal with , and no border hassles), and hopefully it won't affect you adversely; and if it does then get a Dr. in Oz to set you up on injections again. I'm sure you would be okay back on the pills for the duration of your trip.
      All the best... and lucky you.


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        good plan bullwinkle..however the tablets make me vom like you wouldnt believe haha!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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          I have never been told my metho needed to be kept cool! I store mine in the night table!
          When I went downunder I put all my meds in the cargo hold which is cool. I took a letter in case they lost my bags but had no problems!

          Happy travels!



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            I've been doing methotrexate for 17 years and have NEVER been told, by my rheumatologist, pulmonologist or oncologist, that it needed to be kept chilled.

            I would not pre-fill the syringes as it could cause a change in the gasket of the plunger of the syringe. I would take a letter from the doctor, the prescription label of the box, and the empty syringes in their sealed packs. [a friend did the pre-filled syringes and then found that the mtx caused a texture change in the syringe depressor and she could not use them normally.]


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              my mtx comes in pre-filled syringes already..all i have to do is screw the needle on!! xxxx