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What does elevated CRP mean?

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  • What does elevated CRP mean?

    Hi everyone,:wink2:

    I phoned my surgery yesterday to see if any of my blood tests that I had taken at my hospital appt a couple of weeks ago, had come back. (Until now all my blood results that I`ve ever had done have always come back normal).

    They told me that my Rheumatoid Factor was negative, ANA is normal, ESR is normal but my CRP is elevated (12). I know this is an imflammatory marker but I am not sure of it`s `relevance to Lupus`?

    Could anybody tell me, in more detail, what this means? And if anyone has ever had similar results maybe?

    I was just surprised really, that along with my long list of symptoms for so long (2 years), that something has finally shown up in my bloodwork!!

    I feel less of a hypochondriac already!!!:lol:

    Thanks for your time,


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    Hi Tash, i've had that many blood tests but always have to turn to my Dermo for answers as my Rheumo is stubborn, so i'm adding a link below which will roughly give you an idea.
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      Hi Natasha,

      This is what they are looking for when doing this test.
      CRP (C-reactive protein) A blood protein. Raised levels are found in inflammation such as infections
      Found it on our main site.

      Labs vary so much it is next to impossible to say what your numbers mean. It is a good idea to contact your doctor and have him explain it to you.
      Please let us know how you are doing.


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        hiya... this is an important one for me and always tells the story of how i am feeling. When I got diagnosed I was rushed into hospital with CRP off the scale, they thought I had a massive bout of pneumonia but it was escalating so fast they were very alarmed to watch it go up and was the Lupus, letting itself be known. My ESR is rarely raised but the CRP is very indicative which apparently is 'unusual' ... I like to think more 'unique'..ha ha ... it is the inflammation in your body. However for me the ANA was positive (which is usual in 98% luppies at diagnosis) and RNP positive too, apart from that the ESR has only been raised once and the CRP many times but not as high as at diagnosis or I would be back in hospital.... its good that you are pushing for answers and they are investigating you.. i wish you well...Claire


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          Hi Natasha,

          How you feeling since you got your results and certain member's have been able to help??...please keep we updated. xxx


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            Hiya. Sorry for not getting back sooner.

            Dear all,

            Thank you for your helpful replies . Hope you are all doing ok.

            I am really sorry that I havent replied before now. I havent been online as I had to send my laptop away for repair. I,m doing a wee bit better, pain wise as I went back to my G.P after those results and after trying a couple of types of different anti-inflammatory drugs, I am now on ones strong enough to calm my pain down a bit. They are called Etoricoxib 120mg. So I am having pain relief if I don`t do too much in the house. Yesterday though, I went shopping and since then I have been in pain again in my shoulders, wrists and calves and today I am floored, but at least i am getting more relief than what I was a few weeks ago.

            Once again thanks for your helpful replies and I`m sorry for not replying sooner,

            Love Tash xxxx


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              Hello Tash,

              I am pleased to hear you've got something to help your pain and refering doing daily stuff...that's in a pace system with me now because otherwise i'm doubled up.

              Lovely to let us all know how your doing though but rest up mate if your in pain.

              ((Hugs)) xxx