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Dr Francis Hall Diagnosis

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  • Dr Francis Hall Diagnosis

    Hello from my wife and me, our story starts back in 2005 when my wife suffered an accident at work which she hurt her back (lumber spine) since then things have got alot worse,. She has bad motorbility problems with servere leg shaking and is unable to walk without help from me or with a walking stick.

    Over the last 7 years since her accident she has been through every dept and seen nearly every Doctor there is, Physio, Xrays, MRIs, pain blocking injections, accupuncture, CBT courses x2, etc etc, from the point of the accident her symtoms where just a sore back in the lumber region since then her symptoms have developed and include leg shaking, servere headaches, extreme sore aching joints in her hands legs and hips, red rash over her chest and face, light sensitivity.

    We had seen nearly every Doctor from every dept and when we went back to our GP she suggested seeing a lady called Dr Francis Hall from Addenbrookes in Cambridge so of we went, i must admit we had a very negative opion as we thought that we were just going to be told the same old thing " sorry not much we can do" and "just get more sleep its all in your head". Anyway we where in there for nearly 2 hours and she asked about the accident and family history and went through my wifes medical history, she examined my wife and after some time said that she thinks that she was suffering from SLE and what to expect, what would be done and what medication could be offered. She then went on to say that a few more tests will need to be done including another full blood test, another MRI on my wifes spinal cord, these have now been done and she is going to call us on January 20th 2012 with her findings then we have another face to face meeting with her in April next year.

    She did point out when she was going through my wifes medical history that a blood test back in 2006 showed a positive ANA result and another blood test in 2007 showed raised ESR results and she was a little bemused that no one had picked up on these as they showed there was a problem with inflamation. We went to our GP today and she showed us some results of our most recent bloodtest done on 28th nov and it shows very slightly raised ESR but negative ANA.

    Dr Hall did seem to think that my wifes problem with her leg shaking and mobility is due to inflamation caused to her spinal cord and had damaged it causing the mobility problems, she has sent us a letter from our appointment with some diagnosis which says that my wife is Hypermobile 9/9 on the Beighton score, has Raynards phenonium, Migranes, and SLE (provisional) we will have to wait till we speak to her to see what the outcome on SLE is.

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    Hi Paul,

    Sorry to hear Andrea as gone through a fare bit:sad: and it's no fun either.

    Regarding needing help from you and a walking stick, i'd advise getting a 3 wheeler rollator what i use they're great and very supportive.

    You seem to have dropped on a good Dr and hopefully your wife can get sorted, regarding ANA testing's they don't always have to be positive to be related to lupus and to also have autoimmune diseases or A1 Diseases...your wife's symptoms sound alot like what we suffer but until she finally gets her full diagnosis none of us are doctor's to prescribe only suffers but are here to help with symptoms as best as we all suffer from day to day.

    Regarding leg shaking that can be due to damaged nerves or tremors which they're called and regarding Hypermobile that is also connected with Lupus...Jayne a member as added a thread regarding it, if you'd like to take a look at it.

    What ever tests Andrea as in bloods if she is lupus related, Lupus plays with the bloods and makes them fluctuate so she could have a positive test showing negative...alot of our member's are constantley on with blood tests through this issue.

    I wish Andrea and yourself all the very best regarding January and the results and please keep we we like to know how member's are going

    :grhug: from us all.
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      Hi Paul and please say hi to your Wife for me.

      Here is sticky about hypermobility that might intrest you two.

      Here is another thread.....

      Being in an accident can make lupus show up, besides after having a baby etc....

      It looks like you have found a keeper for a rhumey.
      Take care,


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        Hi Paul

        I am so sorry to read of your wife's medical journey. It almost bar one or two symptoms mirrors my own journey. Though no consolation, it is particularly common for many to go through many depts and consultants, and have the 'its all in your head' 'your depressed' relayed to us.

        Dr Frances Hall is my Rhuematologist, and I can confirm that your wife is in the hands of a very understanding, thorough, knowledgeable Consultant, she is an expert with connective tissues diseases, and will leave no stone unturned in her diagnostics and treatment for your wife. Do not worry about the standard tests coming back negative, i.e. ANA, my blood tests aside raised ESR and CRP, have always been satisfactory, Dr Hall is well aware that test results whilst a useful guide, do not always tell the whole story, she will look at the patient, what they tell her, and of course physical appearance.

        Wishing you all the very best, who knows, one day, we may meet up in Clinic 5!


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          Hi , Many thanks for replys, some good info which is allways handy. Thanks again and have a great Xmas to all.Paul


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            Hi Paul,

            I hope Andrea finds an aid to help her get around better

            Merry:xmas3: to you both and i hope 2012 is a better one for you


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              Hi, thanks Terry, we got an electric scooter which also fits into the car which makes life alot easier, plus ive done alot around the house to make things alot safer for my wife.


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                Hi Paul and welcome to you and your family,

                It's so good to read that Andrea has your support with her condition; this will make such a difference to her as there are many members who do not have such help.
                I hope you all have a lovely Christmas,


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                  Hi again Paul and Andrea, :wavey:

                  Sounds like you have found yourself a great doc there.


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                    Hi Paul,

                    You've not gone wrong getting an electric scooter i've got one and it's a good job our property is large inside for getting about.

                    I used to be able to walk my staff but since i've had the scooter it's been a god send and Andrea will see the difference with getting out


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                      After a long wait with butterflys in our stomach we were expecting a call from our rhumey this friday regarding the outcome on some final tests that she asked for before xmas. But no phone call !!! so i guess we are going to have to chase her up monday morning.
                      Fingers crossed.
                      Last edited by paul.goodey; 01-21-2012, 10:44 AM.


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                        :fingers: Done!


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                          Hi Paul,

                          All the best for monday and hopefully Andrea will get her results ...:fingers: crossed for you both


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                            Hi All, well what a waste of time, feel like we are stuck in limbo, we just got a call from rhumy dept saying that all my wifes blood tests came back normal apart from a very low vitamin D, which he said could account for headaches and sore joints etc. He said that she was showing lupus "like" symptoms but she didnt have lupus.
                            He even commented on her rash which she gets on her chest and face which comes and goes and says its just lupus like symptoms including her past ANA positive and raised ESR which was high in the past, but the last blood test all show normal.
                            He said that she should keep taking the medication for lupus until our next appointment in april this year, then they will review my wifes condition again.
                            We were annoyed as it wasnt even Dr Hall who rang us who is the one who examined my wife in the first place but one of her collegues.
                            We are going back to our GP to kick up and ask to help us review our case, lets see where we go from here.
                            Take care all.x


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                              That's frustrating - hope you have better luck with your GP. It just all takes so much time and effort to try and get answers and it can take its toll.