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Raw oysters and raw fish

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  • Raw oysters and raw fish

    I was just recently diagnosed with Lupus. I'm still researching and trying to learn exactly what this is and what it means to me specifically. I love raw oysters and I love raw fish. My mom recently asked me if the doctor told me to stay away from these raw items. Just b/c of the idea that my immune system is low. Well my doctor never specifically told me to avoid these foods but I also never asked. Has anyone been told to stay away from raw oysters or sushi? I will also make a note to myself to ask my doctor at my next visit. But I'm curious what others think about this. Thanks!

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    Hello Nola and welcome,

    I wouldn't think that you have to change eating habits in any way. Even though I am on immunosuppressant medication I have not been told to change anything in my diet (except avoid salt for prednisolone).

    I believe that someone who is SEVERELY immunocompromised would be advised to avoid such things (I have a friend who was) but when say severely I mean someone who has undergone very high level chemo or something like that and who would basically have to live in a sterile environment during that period.

    Now of course, the above is only my opinion but...



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      I love sushi, and ate it with great regularity. When I started on CellCept the Dr advised that I reduce the amount I had as it would be harder for my body to defent against the potential bacteria. As my CellCept dose increased the warning became a prohibition. Now I go to the Japanses resturant and only eat cooked food. I so miss the sushi, however do not want and intestinal virus cause by this.

      Without the immunosupressnts my immune system was overactive (as most of ours are) not underactive, so I didn't seem to have any trouble.



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        I would not know to much about raw other than veggies lol, am not too crazy about fish of any kind. If you are too concerned it would not hurt to ask the doctor, that way you will know if it is something you will need to change. Sorry could not be of more help. By the way welcome to the site hope you find it informative and friendly.


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          Welcome Nola

          I would make sure they reliably sourced, bought from a reliable retailer and eaten fresh. Even if you are not immunocompromised through medications who wants additional grief but who wants to be unnecessarily deprived of life's pleasures! And see what your doctor thinks too.

          I don't like raw fish anyway,and like meat well cooked but I am very fussy about food hygiene storage and preparation for that very reason - I am almost phobic about vomiting. I don't eat unpasteurised milk products or from notorious sources of food poisoning such as beansprouts and shoots kept in water.

          I'm sorry about your diagnosis and hope the lupus will soon be brought under control and doesn't affect your life too seriously

          Good luck


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            There is a lot of misunderstanding of the words sushi and sashimi.
            I have a good friend who is from Japan and gets frustrated with our misuse of those words.

            In short: sushi is anything made with rice and usually done in a rollup
            sashimi is anything made with or without rice and uses raw fish or shellfish.

            You do not necessarily need to avoid sushi, just make certain that your sushi chef has extensive training, & has completed an apprenticeship as a sushi chef if you want to enjoy sashimi.

            Personally, I want my fish and shellfish cooked. But that is just me. I'm also picky about how my rice gets cooked too.....