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High ANA ever hashimoto's instead of lupus?

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  • High ANA ever hashimoto's instead of lupus?


    I have written before and pushed to have my follow up visit with the Rheumy in a week or so...

    Here is a question that I am not finding clarity on: :worried:

    Can a high ANA value as 1:1280 (this time, less last month), homogeneous (where value 1:40 as negative and below) ever be as a result of my already diagnosed hashimoto's thyroiditis? I see in many places that it could be, but not such a high value.

    I have other indicators of 93 value on DNA Antibody (where 0-9 is negative).

    Also is it a concern that my labs show low values for Vitamin D. Is this affecting the almost "lupus" diagnosis. (Doc wrote he thinks it is lupus on my lab work).

    My IgM was 505 (48-271 mg/dL).

    Wondering if the thryoiditis could be sending my body into overdrive. Confused!


    PS Made an appt with chronologist as well as my throat is very achy, swollen.

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    Hello again

    It is most unlikely that hashimotos would push your ANA up that high. On the whole it is not worth speculating or trying to interpret results before seeing the rheumy. Lupus and other auto-immune diseases are so complex that even most docs don't understand the bloods and the implications.

    Many lupus sufferers have low Vitamin D and take supplements to improve that. The amount of supplements needed needs to be discussed with your specialist. Also, although many people do have low Vitamin D levels it is not lupus specific.

    I know that you are very scared right now and would really like this not to be lupus but you need to try and relax as much as possible. If it is lupus you can't change that but you will finally be correctly treated for what's going on with you. Try and keep in mind too that stress is very bad for anyone with an auto-immune disease so try to just take life one day at a time, it really helps

    here's some strengthening hugs for you :hug:



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      Do you get dry eyes?

      Hi Katharine,

      Thanks. You are right that I am having a hard time. I am so sore and fatigued, especially when I am working a lot (and I am a teacher, so there you go). I spent the weekend feeling like a mack truck ran me over (a couple of times).

      I did work more than usual, so that probably put me over the edge.

      I am also worried about my eyes - they are so dry when I get up and sometimes just look red and irritated.

      Not to mention I have drained my car battery twice! (left it in the ignition). Wow, brain fog?

      I pushed for the follow up appt sooner for these reasons. I cannot wait to speak to him!


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        Yes I, and many others, get dry eyes. They are very common with lupus but also present to an even greater degree in sjorgens syndrome (which incidentally usually gives very high positive ANA).

        Usually using false tears (available at chemist's) helps a lot.



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          I had a high ANA 1:1280 and positive Thyroid antibodies, but my endo told me the Hashimoto's would not cause the ANA to go that high. My rheumy agreed. I am now diagnosed with Sjogrens an dstill being "watched" for Lupus.


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            Hi, I hope your rheumy appt goes well. It is a very diffcult time before diagnosis, it can be a real rollercoaster of emotions. I hope you get the answers to your questions, at your rheumy appt.

            Take care



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              Hello. Luckily my rhuemie is great but I sadly have heard how so many go with out diagnosis for years.. I have antibodies against my thyroid and a positive ana.. I was told that I have both Lupus and Hashi.. I have found it common for people who have oneauto-immune disorder to have another with it.. I surely hope they do more blood work and that you have a well educated doctor and that you get the right diagnosis - help you deserve..


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                I also have hashi and MCTD, Lupus being a good culprit. I agree that hashi usually has a friend with it. I was hopeful to that the hashi had made my ana so high but doc said it definitely wasn't it. Glad you are able to be seen to get yourself going inthe right direction.


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                  Gracias ... thanks for your feedback.

                  Friday (2 days from now) I am going to the rheumy, finally! I pushed it up - I couldn't wait 2 or 3 months, let's see what he says. I have a list of symptoms and questions for him. I am accepting more and more that I probably have Lupus, though, and not just hashi's.

                  Thanks for writing, next... try to make my fam understand!

                  (not sure if hubby gets it?)


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                    Good luck with your appointment on Friday.

                    It takes time for others to understand. They don't know that what you see on the outside is not necessarily an indicator of what is happening on the inside. Whether others understand or not be sure you do what is best for your body.

                    Take care,