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Lumps under skin?

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  • Lumps under skin?

    I swear it never ends :hehe: I have had a small hard pea sized lump that showed up on the top of my foot under the skin for a couple months now. Then I had one show up on the top of my hand. I mentioned something to my GP last time I was in and she wasn't concerned at all. Now I noticed another one on top of my hand right next to the other one and it seems to be a tad bit larger also. Anyone have any clue what this could be? They seem to be completely under my skin and attached to the bone as they don't move. I was willing to ignore the first two, but now another one? And they seem to show up suddenly and don't go away.

    Any ideas??

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    Hi jamie,
    Do they move around when you touch them, only a slight bit from side to side.
    If so, then they may very well be cysts, if they don't hurt and are not very noticable then they are usually Ok.
    I have had a couple removed and still have some on my arms. I do get tink ones appear on my face, i know i should'nt but i get a pin and pierce the skin and squeeze them out like a zit, but only if they bother me alot. i have a small one on my forehead at the moment, which is not bothering me to much.
    If your worried then by all means get your Dr to check them out.
    Hugs, i hope this helps.


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      Hi Jamie,
      I found this on mayoclinic web site, very good site for medical stuff.

      Ganglion cysts generally are:

      ■Raised lumps near your wrist or finger joints
      ■Round, firm and smooth
      ■Fixed in one place but may "give" a little when you push against them
      ■A little more than an inch (3 centimeters) in diameter
      ■Variable in size depending on your activity level, becoming larger when you use the affected joint and growing smaller when you're at rest
      ■Painless, although in some cases the cysts may put pressure on the nerves near the joint, which can cause pain, weakness or numbness in your hand
      Occasionally, the telltale lump that indicates a ganglion cyst isn't visible. Often the only indication of these smaller, "hidden" ganglion cysts (occult ganglions) is pain.

      When to see a doctor
      If you experience a noticeable lump or pain in your wrist, hand or foot, see your doctor. He or she can make a diagnosis and determine whether you need treatment.

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        Thanks for the info Sandra. They are hard as bone and they don't move at all. In order to get to them I would need to cut through the skin on my hand completely. I'm not sure who to ask since I already mentioned it to my GP and she acted like it was nothing and my rheumy is very incompetent. They aren't painful, but I just think it is odd that they keep appearing. They really seem to be attached to the bone...I could be wrong though.


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          Hi Jamie,
          Me again, do you have rheumatoid pain in your hands!!!!
          I looked again on the mayo site under rheumatoid arthuritus (spelling) and it mentions rheumatoid nodules.

          Take alook, very good site.


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            Hi Heaven_07,

            I seem to have something similar on the end of my collarbone, near my throat. it's like a hard, bony lump attached to the existing bone. I haven't been to my GP about it yet. It showed up spontaneously last year - do you feel any pain from them?

            One of the orthapaedic consultants here at the hospital I work in suggested it might be a bone spur. Apparently these are fairly common in people with arthritic-type joint pain.


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              I think Doris999 is on target with the ganglion cyst, or other fatty cyst. Sometimes they hurt a bit. I've had several of them and my wife has too. Sometimes they will disappear. I've had a couple that I had for a couple years but they finally went away on their own.


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                I do have paiin in my hands....particularly the one with the lumps. The only thing is they don't seem to be associated with any joints. They are attached to the bone between my nuckle and my wrist. Then I have the one on my foot, which I don't tend to have pain in at all.

                My collarbone just looks all swollen on the right side and sticks out. It also seems to be very hard with some lumps, but I can't tell if that's normal seing as I can't feel the other side in the same way because it doesn't stick out. My rheumy said it could be from the Prednisone, but it seems to be getting worse since I have been weaning from the Prednisone. To me it looks like swelling/inflammation, but what do I know. That isn't painful either. The lumps in my hand aren't painful, but now that I have been poiking at them the past couple days, I do feel very minor discomfort and some tingling in my hand (but it's mostly on the other side of my hand where the lumps aren't). So confusing. Maybe I will mention it to my rheumy (hopefully I will be able to find another one of those soon!) but my GP didn't seem to care at all.

                It's so frustrating having all these wierd symptoms. I never know when to go in or what to mention. I already feel like I am treated like a hypochondriac, so sometimes I don't mention things that seem to not be bothersome.

                Thanks for your replies!!


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                  I have ganglion cysts in my right wrist and left foot. The one on my foot pops up when I weat my flip flops too much and then it hurts. The one on my hand/wrist doesn't hurt, but sometimes it causes pain in my wrist. The actual bump doesn't hurt, but other areas in my wrist hurt almost like nerves or something. My rheumy saw it but didn't say a thing.



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                    Hi Jamie,

                    Sounds like ganglions to me too...had 3 surgically removed before now...2 on 1 wrist and 1 on the other. If they start to hurt too much you can get them removed but often they just disapppear. x