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Do these look swollen?

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  • Do these look swollen?

    Sorry for having to look at my feet! Just wondering if they look swollen to you in the photos. They feel very swollen but I don't want to take them to the doctor and have him say that they just look like feet and don't look swollen! I can't really tell if the swelling shows in the pictures. Also one of my feet is deformed so it looks a little odd regardless! I need a comparison picture of not swollen.

    Click image for larger version

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    It is difficult to tell from a photo. That being said the ball of the foot in the first picture does look swollen to me. Have you tried keeping it elevated?

    Take care,


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      I can't really tell either - like Lazylegs the only part that looks swollen to me is the ball of your foot in the middle picture.


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        The skin does seem tight on the first picture so I would say it is swollen.
        The middle pic and last pic it is hard to tell.
        You will feel if they are swollen as the skin gets you feel that?
        If your thinking they are swollen they I would advise you elevate and if not any better tomorrow then phone your GP.
        Let us know how you make out.


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          Thanks all! After further inspection - I don't think they were swollen. It is the bizarrest ( I doubt that is a word!) sensation. The bottom of my feet become very sore and tender. Even when I wake up having been off them all night I have a numb / tingling feeling on the bottom of my feet and I hobble around for the first bit of the day until a hot shower or ibuprofen or just moving around helps. It is kind of the feeling as if you wore horribly uncomfortable shoes for 12 hours. It also gets bad if I walk too much. However when I push on the bottom of my feet they aren't sore or tender to touch. No idea what is going on or why my feet are being so difficult!


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            Nomad if it continues call your doctor. I hope it settles down for you.


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              Hi Nomad--

              I have had severe pains in my feet with this disease. It was also discovered along the way that I had Morton's Neuroma and clinically high arches, both of which are triggered by any inflammation in the feet. It might be a flare that increases the inflammation or extra walking or new shoes.

              Anyway, I have almost always had trouble seeing the swelling in my feet, but I sure can feel it. My doctor can squeeze the joints (that run through the balls of the feet) and feet the swelling when it is there.

              Orthotics helped the Morton's Neuroma and I no longer also have burning/numbness in my toes. The high arch issue still causes problems when I am swelling in general. There are times, usually at night, that I feel as though I can't walk they hurt so much.

              Please mention this to your doctor and see if he might be willing to refer you to a specialist. Sometimes there are issues in the feet that don't get diagnosed until you have swelling that aggravates everything.

              Take care.



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                Hi there

                I think I can relate to what you describe Nomad. I once described it to my rheumy as 'walking on marbles' and she nodded in a knowing way - I think it is something that they expect with lupus.

                Funnily enough, over the past few days I've had a feeling of tired achy feet, first thing in the morning and last thing at night - and when I stand up from sitting, it takes a wee while for my feet to settle down.

                I agree with the others that if it persists, mention it to your doctor.

                Take care