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Sulfite allergy?

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  • Sulfite allergy?

    I am new here. I haven't been diagnosed yet because I thought I had found the cause of my problems...sulfite sensitivity. I have had reactions to both sulfites and sulfa drugs so even if there is no connection, I can't handle either. Wine coolers are the worst. I felt like I was having a heart attack. My major flares seem to have come several years apart, thank heavens. There is a huge list of foods I try to avoid. My hands swell and itch and my chest hurts. Dried fruits, coconut, sulfite as preservative salad bars, msg, oven cleaners (no, I dont eat it!!)
    Pledge, armor all, processed meats, etc. I now have more symptoms of lupus and am awaiting diagnosis. I read where many people with lupus are allergic to sulfa drugs. Opinions?

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    Hi Sunflower, I have moved your post to a thread of your own, so that more people see it. That way you will get more responses. I am sure our members will be along shortly with their expereinces, many lupus patients cannot tolerate sulfites. Here is a link to the symptoms of lupus.


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      Hello.. the massive flare I had that landed me in the hospital for a week was triggered (after ages in pain with loads of symptoms) by cleaning the shower with a supposedly safe(ish) product..I also react to MSG and feel rough with a bad head and sore joints if I eat Chinese food....ok with red wine and dried apricots not sure if mine is a sulphite thing but I do use natural products for shampoo, conditioner,toothpaste, skin care as much as poss and washing up liquid..just cutting down the contact I have with anything chemical really......glad you are on the case and hope it helps to avoid sulphites for you....and I am allergic to Septrin.... will monitor it even more carefully now!!! Thanks...Claire


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        I have never been on a sulfa drug but I do know we are to avoid them.

        I do not use very many cleaning products and I haven't for years. My joints would always become inflamed. Any product that REQUIRES gloves to be worn Or a well ventilated area I just won't use.

        I cannot drink wine. Major headache on tiny amount.


        ps having a hard time these days thinking and writing


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          Hi Songflower

          :welcome: to the site. I'm not sure I've had enough exposure to know if I have these allergies - my husband does the cleaning but now I know I HAVE to avoid them, that's good reason for me to never have to share the chores :lol:

          Are you under the care of a Rheumy? What is he saying about possible diagnoses?
          Best wishes,


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            I have always been allergic to sulfa drugs-long before I was diagnosed with sle.