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Nausea and lack of appetite ?

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  • Nausea and lack of appetite ?

    I am new so apologies for bombarding everyone with questions.
    I am waiting to see a rhemy (next week ) but have a lot of symptoms consistent with Lupus and some odd blood results which can not be explained away with the "depression label " they have tried to put on me ( high liver enzymes and low volume red blood ) as well as 3 bouts of pericarditis and having developed heart valve problems in a year.
    Does anyone else know is the lack of appetite and feeling of nausea that I get is related or is this just something else ?
    I also get a lot of sweats in the night which wake me up and are not due to the menopause.
    I am trying to make a list to take with me and dont know if those things need to be on the list. Anyone advice helpful

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    Hi Pam,
    Thanks for your post to me.
    I have a lack of appetite & nausea, & i have the night sweats as well, but don't know if mine is due to menopause ( i'm 45 ), i'm still having normal periods.
    Put everything going on with you on a list, even if you think it trivial. It is a must, it really helps the DR's they ask questions based on them, also any pictures if you get rashes or anything unusual appear on your skin.
    Also, get copies of your test results if poss, cos you never know when you might need them.
    Welcome to this group, there is always someone on here that will answer our questions, if not then they pass on a good web site for info.
    I wish you luck with your journey, i know what you are going through, let us know how you are getting on.
    Hugs & best wishes


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      Hi there,

      I do not know if your issues with the GI stuff are related but I agree with Doris to make a list of all of your issues that your dealing with. It will make your up coming appointment more productive and you wont forget anything.

      Let us know how you make out next week. Good luck to you and join us in the chat room sometime.:wink2::wink2::wink2:


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        Chat room

        Hi tried to use chat room this evening and it woudlnt take my messages, anyone know what I did wrong, could listen but not answer.


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          Hi Pamela

          You mean you could "see" what people were saying but couldn't say anything yourself?

          Maybe you hadn't put the cursor in the right place? There's a box under all the icons at the bottom of the chat room to type in.

          If I see you online sometime when it's quiet I'll go in and see if I can help you.



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            Hi Pamela,

            I agree it's best to tell the doc everything that's going on. They usually sort out what is related and what is not if they have all the information. Not sure about your nausea and lack of appetite, but the night sweats are very common in Lupus from inflammation, of course there are other reasons for them but they should always be mentioned. If you have any photos of your rash do take them, you can bet your booty any rashes you have will disappear on the day of the appt :wink2:

            Good luck and do let us know how you get along.



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              We kinda met in chat today. Questions are so welcome here. It is how we all learn about this crazy thing called lupus. You are not any different from most of us when we start with it. I found I had more questions than answers. Is that how you are feeling right now?

              I am not sure that lupus has much to do with the food or stomache but some meds can have the side effects if you are on anything. I would call the pharmacy and ask them or look at the med sheet to see the side effects of the meds you are on. The other one is you might be pregnant lol. I hope that helped you.

              The sweating is the lupus. I have a fan in my room year round and it is pointing at my bed. I have a ceiling fan in over my bed too. I get the sweating and turn on the fan and get cold and cover up and it starts all over again every night. You are not alone. I have even had to take a shower in the middle of the night cause it was so bad. I know the next question: Does it ever get better? For me it is off and on. In the winter it is not so bad unless the heat is turned up. It is different for everybody, yours may pass in time.

              I do hope that you start to feel better and don't worry about the questions well love to help when we can.
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                Hiya Pam, hope you're OK. I had the depression label slapped on me too for years, but in reality I withdrew from my normal activities and felt low because I had no energy. Looking back I've struggled with fatigue pretty much all my adult life. Even when I was a teenager, I used to have a siesta before I went out on a Saturday night and couldn't function without it. I too have dreadful night sweats, even in the middle of winter I used to wake up wet through and I only have a 3 tog duvet! Just weird. I don't have the loss of apetite I'm quite the opposite - I think I crave certain foods for an energy boost (and it's usually chocolate that I reach for). But we're all different.

                Hope you start to get some answers soon. Try and take some time to prepare for your appointment - it's useful to remember as much as you can - I literally never shut up at my first appointment - the rheumy had to scribble furiously to keep up - she was able to confirm stuff on my electronic record which helped her a lot. She seemed to join up a lot of things that I thought were unconnected - I hadn't realised how many thyroid and anaemia tests I'd had over the years! The rheumy obviously wanted to know the history behind that, why the tests were ordered (because I kept going to the GP saying how tired and run down I felt).

                The first appointment will be mostly getting complete history - checking what tests had already been done (with me for example, I'd had two positive ANA tests from September and November, repeated because the consultant at another hospital thought it was a false positive). The rheumy will most likely order some more tests - be prepared for this as I had 6 blood tests and I promptly fainted like a numpty.

                Hope you start to get some answers soon, and hope it goes well next week. Let us know how you get on.


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                  Loss of appetite and nausea can definately be a lupus symptom. During my first major flare I lost about a stone and a half in the space of a month. I well remember making myself really nice meals, then only managing to eat a mouthfull. It wasn't good as I ended up looking skeletal... Even now, lack of appetite is one of my early signs of a flare.

                  Take care :hehe:


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                    Thansk for answering my questions

                    many thanks to all of you for making me feel less of a freak.
                    After a very bad sweat last night I lay awake and thought about when all these things began and it so odd that in the middle of the night everything seems so clear. It bean 3 years ago with a really bad scarlet rash on the back of the neck and being tired. I had a busy job at the time and when it didnt go away with steroid cream and anti histomine they put it down to stress
                    I gave up my very well paid full time job which I loved and took a part time low paid post hoping things would get better but they didnt.
                    Then came raised liver enzymes, low volme red blood cells, joint pain, frequent "flu and then the terrible first perciacrdtis and I got pnemonia a week after that one. Not good.

                    I go for blood every 3 months as I also have an underactive thyroid and she keeps telling me that basically I am healthy and it is depression and if I did take some mild pills it would all get better.
                    I actually lost 2 stones for no reason at one point 2 year ago but recently with hardly eating anything out on half a stone.
                    I used to swim 5 times per week, play tennis once a week but couldnt even attempt that now.

                    At least the first passing out and my daughters input brought me an appointment although the doc did say
                    "BUt he wont find anything you know and maybe then you might take my advice and have some pills......................."
                    Never !
                    Thanks guys and did manage the chat room last night, it seems the laptop needs a different version of java
                    Thanks so very much and I have started my list to which my other half ( patient soul ) keeps saying but what about this and that, it may be relevent.
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                      Hi Pam,
                      Write everything down it's a must.