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can we have butterly rash and not Lupus?

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  • can we have butterly rash and not Lupus?


    can we have butterfly rash and not Lupus.
    i have permanet blush that goes to strong red always butterfly style and also red where sun hits skin v shape on neck.

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    It is possible, rosacea would be one possibility that can cause a similar rash but has nothing to do with lupus. The real key is when there are other symptoms that also occur which makes lupus much more likely to be the culprit (and/or when a derm biopsy shows it, bloodwork gives indications of lupus, etc.).


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      got joint pain.raised esr,no red large swelling.told not roscea.
      positive ana.
      family dad great gran lupus.ra.psoriac a,as family.
      photo SENSITIVe RASH

      anyone else any ideas,im getting ratther twictchy about it 3 weeks more till appointment.
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        Hiya.. I had the rash for quite a few years before any other symptoms.. only bothered me in the sun and after a glass of wine! Just thought I was having a senior moment..wrong! Got diagnosed with MCTD last year... all the best for your rheumy appointment.
        Claire X


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          hi u did whats mctd is that mixed connective tissue discease?
          is that when someone had say ra and lupus?



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            Hi Mel, you can get what is known as overlaps of other syndromes without having all the features of the syndrome. I am like Claire, I had the rash for a few years with some unexplained bloodwork such as raised esr and anemia for quite a few years before my lupus diagnosis.

            I know you are nervous about your appt, but your rheumy seems very thorough and I am sure that you are in good hands.

            Deb x


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              RA + lupus is commonly referred to as "rhupus". Quite the name huh?

              MCTD is a little bit different than rhupus in that there tends to be high levels of RNP antibodies as well as a set of symptoms that differentiate it from RA and lupus. Most often those symptoms contain some features of a variety of autoimmune disorders but usually also contain some scleroderma symptoms in particular.


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                Thanks miaa

                kind of u to explain for me.

                and debatat so helpful.

                yes im trying to be calm about it all lol.
                ahh ok so for u few years.


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                  The malar rash or butterfly rash is pretty specific to lupus.
                  A skin biopsy of the rash would be able to confirm whether it is lupus or something else.


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                    Hiya Countrylass, sorry didn't see your question, been on here a bit infrequently lately.. yes I have a mix of scleroderma, lupus and also am hypothyroid,, however I also feel a load better than last year when I was untreated, feeling rotten and had no clear diagnosis.. I wish you luck with your appointment, hope you get nearer to some relief.XXX Claire


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                      Hi wow thanks for replies

                      much apreciated countrylass