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Question about Raynauds

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  • Question about Raynauds

    Just wondering.... with Reynolds do you always have the discoloration?
    If my hands and feet get cold I find them very painful but have never had any discoloration. I always assumed the cold just irriatated the arthritis.

    Thanks!!! :wink2:

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    I guess you mean Raynards ?
    Mine have always gone red, white and blue and been very painful as the colour returns to normal but not sure if everyones do.
    I do think that poor circulation is supposed to make hands and feet cold or so my cardiologist told me

    I should mention it to your doctor



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      I have raynaud's and my hands, feet turn white like chalk color white.

      I know others say that when raynaud's attacks they have everything turn purple. Just like lupus it affects us differently.

      here is a link from the main web page talking about it....



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        Mine also turn red, blue, white and then once I am in normal temperatures for a while they return to normal.
        I also always look like I have a lacy rash on my legs from my knees down.
        Everyone is different.


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          When I was a teenager, my hands were always cold.(I was very self-conscience about them) Then in my forties I was dx. with Raynauds. I have the red , white and very dark blue. When the blood vessels open, it is painful when the hands begin to get their normal color.


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            I also suffer with raynauds, my hands and feet turn pure white but my ears are almost purple. Care needs to be taken to any exposed areas of your skin so that you do not have any further complications. I keep hand and feet warmers in my bag as well as in my car. They work really well
            Warmly, (no pun intended)


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              I haven't seen the Rheumy about it yet (1.5 weeks!), but I have had Raynauds symptoms at times since I was a teenager. Often, when I go outside in the really cold (like to shovel the snow off the driveway in New England), a couple fingers would go completely numb after a really short time. Last winter it happened in 10 minutes, and that was with super warm gloves on. I've never noticed my fingers turning white or blue, but as they warm up, they can swell and they do get bright red as they "thaw out". So I will check with my rheumy, but I'm pretty sure it is Raynauds. Funny enough, I learned about Raynauds last winter when I looked on the web trying to figure out why my fingers would go numb and swell when warming up. I just figured I had primary Raynauds, and there was nothing really to do about it except wear warm gloves and be careful, as it only really happened in the winter. Had I known that it could be the first symptom of MCTD, I maybe would have said something to my doc about it.


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                I know others with lupus that have cold hands and cold feet all of the time with no color change, I am not sure if that is considered Raynauds or not. But I know that being cold has been a trait for most lupus sufferers. I would definitely bring this up to the rhuemy... Hope you get some answers very soon.


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                  Hi Roni,

                  I have Raynaud's, and for me it depends on how long I've been exposed to the cold. As we speak, I'm having a little just for walking outside to the mailbox. This round won't progress to discoloration, just numbness and tingling.



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                    Just a quick one,
                    Do any of you that have Raynalds, are your fingers and palms a constant deep pink colour, or does this happen with Raynalds?
                    I find that when my fingers get cold the pink on my fingers has white spots in them and when they warm up my fingers and the outside half of my palm turns blue/purple.


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                      it's already been said but I guess it effects different people a little different ...

                      I get white fingers and toes but noses and ears go dark red ... also have what my kids have dubbed hamburger
                      hands where palm goes go red and then white spots appear giving the appearance of ground beef ...

                      I am almost always cold ... my hands and feet to the point of pain ... but I don't always have discoloration ... another thing
                      with me is when I begin to warm up my hands and feet sweat and go red ... and oddly when I warm up I have to keep hands and feet
                      covered or they will chill and go colder than before ... I am guessing that this is the sweat doing it's job of cooling ...

                      I have learned that with lupus , that text book answers mean very little ... my symtoms rarely follow the book