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Lupus and Asthma

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  • Lupus and Asthma

    Can Lupus be the cause of my Asthma? I was treated for Asthma many years ago, but have not had any problems or meds for it in over 10 yrs. Now that I have been diagnosed with Lupus (Jan. of this year.) my Asthma is back ! Just got out of the hospital with an Severe Asthma attack/bronchial infection. Looking back to the time when I was being treated for asthma...I was having some mild Lupus symptoms but was totally unaware of that condition at the time. Is there any correlation?

    I was officially diagnosed Jan. 2010 with Lupus/Scleroderma/Poly-Dermatomyositis. Being treated with Prednisone and Plaquenil.

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    Hi, to my knowledge there is no correlation between asthma and lupus. However I do find that during a lupus flare, my asthma is worse. I have always put this down to increased inflammatory activity in the body. I am sorry to hear you had a severe asthma attack, i know how distressing they can be. Do you take preventative asthma medication? I would also mention the issue to your rheumy so that he is aware of all your symptoms. The pred should help your lupus and your asthma . Here is a link to an article that explains the causes of asthma.

    Take care
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      I'm currrently being tested by my GP for what he said was 'asthma related to your connective tissue problems', but he didn't specifically mention Lupus.

      I had a chest X-ray on Thursday, and have had to provide a sputum sample at home which I'll take to the lab myself on Monday for analysis.

      He gave me a salbutamol inhaler last week and a peak flow meter. First thing in the morning and last thing at night I have to blow as hard as I can into the meter three times and record the highest reading on a graph. Then I have to inhale the salbumatol, and fifteen minutes later repeat the three blows and record that highest reading. So far there isn't much difference between the before and after readings (so maybe it isn't asthma?), but I have noticed that my breathing is not as tight and the crackling in my lungs isn't nearly as bad as it has been during the last few months. I'm also sleeping much better.

      I did have a course of erythromycin six weeks ago, but that didn't do much.

      Unfortunately I'm really no wiser than you on this, just waiting to see what the results are in a week's time. Hope you manage to get some answers of your own too.


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        Hi I'm from Alabama to. I've had asma my hole life before I was diagosed with Lupus I was in the hospital 8 times in one year. I havent read anything about a connection but I do no from experience if one bothers me so does the other. I am in the prosses of changing rhemuy dr. Try and keep both undercontrol and please see a pulmonologist my asma is much better controled since I started seeing one. Take care.Luci


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          Sorry that you are experiencing asthma symptoms too ! I hope that your GP will be able to help you. I go back to see my GP on the 19th. Hoping he will put me back on long term asthma control meds. Once I am back on them....I will NOT stop taking them when I feel that I have my asthma under control. Think I have learned my lesson.


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            I was under the care of a pulmonologist for 15 yrs. I went for several years without any symptoms and thought that I was better. My regular pulmonologist moved and I saw a different dr. who said that if I was feeling so good, I could taper off my asthma meds and see how I did. So....I quit taking asthma meds in 2003. I was active, playing tennis and walking and felt that I was doing fine. Then I was diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (Lupus, Scleroderma, Poly-Dermatomyositis) in Jan. of this year. NOW This.....I go back to see my new GP next week. I will see how he plans to handle my asthma and if not satisfied I will definitely seek out a new Pulmonologist.

            IF you don't mind me asking.....what do you take for your asthma. I used to take 200mg of Theophyllin daily and carried an emergency albuterol inhaler. Worked Great....I was just afraid of the Theophyllin because I had become toxic on it and hospitalized. But now.....I will gladly go back on it if that is the best thing. I know now that another dr. gave me erythromyicin while I was on Theophyllin and did not tell me to cut back on the Theophyllin. The antibiotic doubled the effect of the Theophyllin and I became toxic.

            One good thing....since I have been on increased prednisone for my severe asthma Lupus symptoms have improved as well. Lucky that both can be treated with Prednisone. I am in the tapering down mode and will be back on my maintainence dose by the end of next week.

            Hope you find a rheumy that you like.

            What part of Ala are you from....I am from Sylacauga about 50 south of Birmingham.

            Debbie (Chalupa)


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              My PCP has referred me to a Pulmonologist. I am to have a Lung Function Test and then see the pulmonologist on Nov. 2.