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Frozen shoulder

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  • Frozen shoulder

    Just been told I have this (as well as SLE, Fibro) and have read somewhere it may be autoimmune. Has anyone else had this or heard similar. Thanks

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    My shoulder was impinged and was about to be frozen. You need to see an orthopedic doctor, and he should set you up for physical therapy. You should act quickly if you can. I did not have any autoimmune problems at this time. But inflammation plays a big role in frozen shoulder. PT really helped!



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      Hi Margaret, I had a frozen shoulder about 10 years ago, and oh boy, did it hurt. At the time I had been diagnosed with 'CFS' (probably was Lupus) so I don't know of any connection between that and autoimmune disease. I delayed going to my GP with it, big mistake, he gave me a steroid injection in the shoulder, but he said it should have been done sooner for the best effect. It didnt help, and I went for weekly physiotherapy, which helped each time, but only for a few hours. Again, I should have gone sooner. It didn't ease completely until about a year afterwards - I took anti-inflammatories for it. You have my sympathy!


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        Welcome to the site Margaret.

        In everything I have read they say the cause is unknown. It does tend to occur more frequently with inflammation so doctors see it more in patients with diabetes, thyroid and auto immune disorders. It can also happen in the general population as with my mother-in-law after an injury to the shoulder. In my mom's case it is considered a symptom of her Parkinson's.

        The others have given you great advice about the physical therapy. It helps speed up the recovery and in the long run makes it less painful. You might also experiment with heat and ice since there is an inflammation component. My mom prefers heat and my mother-in-law preferred ice.

        I wish you a speedy recovery.

        Take care,


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          Many thanks everyone for your help. My Dr did an urgent referral for me and I'm seeing physio on Monday! Have been using heated wheat bag too on shoulder and taking the painkillers! Will keep you posted.