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How many with thyroid & lupus?

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  • How many with thyroid & lupus?

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing alright this morning. I have a question to ask the people on this board.... how many have thyroid problems with their lupus? I am just curious. :?

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    Hi Willow,

    I have had Hashimotos thyroiditis for several years now. Long before my lupus diagnosis.

    I think quite a few people also have thyroid problems.



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      That is so interesting. I have had something going on since I was 16 (just turned 35 last weekend), and they still don't know what is going on. I am asking because my last flare was strong enough.... that six months later I was tested again, and now am Hypo. I was wondering if I should just let it all go. Not bother any more trying to find out what is going on... just let the flares come and go and deal with it.

      I am not being treated for anything, and I don't have any follow up visits with anyone these days. I am not complaining, but I am just tired of it all. I was thinking that now, after all these years, that my thryoid is not working - would they just say 'Oh! Well, she is hypo. No use in looking any further!". I was just wondering if anyone here would have thyroid issues. What comes first? The arthritis that attacks the thyroid gland... or is it the thyroid gland all along and just leave it at that?

      I look up the different symptoms of arthritis and thyroid issues and they are a like in so many ways.. but my problem is that I had inflammatory arthritis ( my doctor's own words) way before my thyroid has become faulty. So, if the whole thing was caused by the arthritis flare... and I am not being treated at all... then what else can be attacked???


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        Hi Willow,
        This is very interesting.
        I am type 1 diabetic since i was 2yrs so 28 yrs now.

        I started to get my joint problems and fatigue in sept/oct last year. My thyroid function was fine in dec.

        Then i got really bad fatigue throughout Jan /Feb and just when i thought i was about to die my thyroid function was checked again and my tsh was really high and now have hashimotos.

        My endocrinologist even said for it to get that bad that quickly was very unusual and he was quite surprised by the test results!

        I now think that the illness i have now was what instigated my thyroid problem as it happened so quickly.

        Saw rheumy in april who suspected sle and then bloods have now indicated mixed connective tissue disease which i am waiting to have confrimed.

        Also ahve loads of other symptoms.

        But i now have 3 autoimmune diseases. Very strange.

        Also if you have underlying endocrine weakness such as diabetes, thyroid or adrenal gland problems then you are much more likely to develope other autoimmune diseases f the connective tissues.



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          Hi Willow,

          I was diagnosed with Grave's prior to the Lupus diagnosis. It was taken care of radioactively because the goiter was not able to be surgically removed. It killed off a little too much so now I am hypo instead of hyper.

          Good luck finding the correct dosage to make you stable.

          Take care,

          Take care,


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            This is so interesting... my GP never has told me what type of arthritis I have.. just that it is inflammatory. My rheumatologist ruled out RA and OA... but never said what it is I have. He took x-rays of my lungs and said that though he can't see it, he suspects I have serositis (sp?) and when I look it up, it is lupus connected.

            All this to say that I was thinking of just not going to my GP with anything else that is bothering me (arthritis related), though he told me to come see him for anything that happens... I was feeling that if they all think the thyroid is the issue, why bother?


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              I'm not sure I'm following here, maybe it's just me...

              Where is the link thyroid/arthritis??

              If you are hypothyroid you should be being treated for it. Being hypothyroid can give many similar symptoms to lupus and with treatment you can feel a whole lot better.

              sorry if my brain's not working



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                Well, this whole thread is for me to find out if there is a link. My problem is that I don't know what came first... the chicken or the egg? Do people with lupus have thyroid issues before or after? Does the fact that I had symptoms of something "arthritic" years before I had hypothyroidism point to the fact that it isn't arthritis at all - just thyroid issues? Everything I reading about thyroid problems, doctors are saying they were fooled into thinking the patient had arthritis... when it was thyroid all along.


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                  Ah ok It is clearer now!

                  All I know is that my thyroid condition is also autoimmune and pretty much hereditary. Having one auto-immune disease does increase your likliehood of having another.

                  If you have a thyroid issue it might be all you have. But, even if that is "all" it needs monitoring and correct medication as underactive thyroid can be quite dangerous if left untreated.

                  It does not preclude another condition. I was sent to a rheumy when my endocrinoogist said that my thyroid was well controlled and couldn't explain all my symptoms.



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                    I was diagnosed with a hypothroid 20 years before my lupus diagnosis. I also have RA and Sjogrens.


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                      since being dx with lupus I have developed an underactive thyroid. Until then no problems. Makes you wonder?


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                        Having one autoimmune disease does mean a greater chance of having another and autoimmune thyroid is reasonably common with lupus The tendency to autoimmune disease is familial and it might be that it takes a different expression in individual members.

                        I don't quite know how a reasonably well informed and careful doctor would come to be treating for inflammatory arthritis when the symptoms were really thyroid alone. Some sites mention 'aches', (and by the way carpel tunnel,) as associated with thyroid and some symptoms of thyroid disease resemble some lupus symptoms. But arthritis doesn't appear to be a major symptom of thyroid.

                        It is true that once diagnosed with lupus, coexisting thyroid or subsequent development of thyroid can be missed.
                        They are treated differently.

                        It seems that thyroid disease can present as hyper but then typically turn into hypo.
                        Take care of yourself as best you can


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                          I love coming here... you guys always give me great information. In a world where there are more questions than answers, I always get more answers here. :hehe:At least now I know that thyroid problems do run with autoimmune diseases; and it can be present with other conditions. And I am understanding a little more why my GP has me on thyroid and arthritis medication... I was wondering the other day why even take the arthritis meds because it could all be caused by my thyroid! It is getting expensive with everything these days.

                          I should just ask my GP next time I see him what is what. But I do like going there with well informed questions to make the best out of my appointments since they are so few and far between.


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                            I have had autoimmune symptoms for over 10 years, and though my doctor had been leaning towards Lupus for about 6 months, I just got the official diagnosis yesterday. I do also have Hashimoto's, and was given that diagnosis a little over 2 years ago. The first rheumatologist I saw told me that I only had the Hashi's, and my other symptoms (severe joint pain) were just a result of that, or maybe just arthritis, but luckily I found another doctor who believed me when I said something else was going on! I had been recieving treatment for the Hashis for two years, but it didn't take care of my pain and fatigue. Now that I'm being treated for Lupus, I'm finally feeling better! Mine was definitely NOT arthritis!


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                              Thyroid removed

                              hi to all
                              I had most of my thyroid removed surgically last year. my function tests were normal but an ultrasound revealed a 6.5cm lump. The lobe which remains is not working and i am on thyroxine to ensur my TSH levels are normal - which they now are. However i still have fatigue, the joint pain and swelling is even worse now, stomach pain is unbelievable and wbc and platelets are still low. So all in all for me my thyroid problems have been sorted but it has not improved my other situation.
                              x e