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shoulder pain

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  • shoulder pain

    hi everybody hope it's nto too cold where you are. I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on a problem that has just started to be a significant issue.
    I am having bouts of realllly bad shoulder pain, so bad that i cry out when I try to move my arm or lay down or get up etc....first time it happened i ended up in the er at about 3am the dr was taken back by the severity of pain. I never bumped it or fell or anything, he gave me percoset which i have never had before. it mad me fall alseep and eventually it cleared up. well it's back and after 2 days of it and tylenol and heat I gave in and went back to the er.
    I told them the only thing that had changed was I began MTX in October and I was also told around that time I had osteoperosis. Dr dr suspected maybe i fractured it and it just had not healed. So an xray was done and nothing was found thank goodness. So the dr talked to me about something called frozen shoulder???just a guess but she gave me percoset.
    This reallly hurts and I sure wish i knew what was causing it...anybody have any ideas? Could it be the MTX? I take it on wednesday and usually if I feel a bit off it's on friday which is today???/ don't remember what day it happened before.
    Thanks fora ny advice, Sandra

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    Frozen shoulder

    Hi Sandra

    I have had frozen shoulder in the past. I don'y know where it came from like you it was there one day.

    I had a steroid injection in the shoulder joint I was lucky an only needed one some need more but it went slowly better, it took a long time I was off work for 3 weeks. Now I think about it I started with it at this time of year I remeber having it over Christmas and then in January I went to the docs and got the injection. Any way it clearer up quite well although I lost some mobility in the arm.

    It still hurts when I have a flare in fact at those times it get really painful.

    Hope they sort it out for you soon:hug:



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      I have had frozen shoulders - sometimes one, sometimes both - from time to time in the past, and am going through it right now. Mine is caused by pinched nerves. I have a cervical stenosis, which means that the upper spinal column is narrowed (due to arthritic swelling and calcium deposits in my case), and so the nerves coming out of it are pinched. It causes my neck and shoulders to freeze up. It can take weeks of therapy and patience to get through it. Very, very painful. The last three weeks have been miserable, but I can feel it starting to ease the last couple days.

      I don't take pain killers very easily because I react badly to them, but when the frozen shoulder and neck happens, I have to do something. Muscle relaxers help me a lot, and I take prescription NSAIDS.

      I hope yours resolves soon. It's terribly painful. I feel for you.


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        Hi Sandra,

        Giving your rhumey a call and asking him about it might be a good idea.

        I hope it leaves as quickly as it as come.



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          Shoulder pain


          It took nearly 3 yrs for my lupus to be diagnosed and during that period the worst syptom I had was shoulder pain/stiffness, it was so painful that my arm would be purmantly stuck to the side of my body as it was too painful to lift. I would wake in the night crying and screaming out. It wasn't any other condition just rreally bad flare of Lupus, nothing at all helped not even the best pain killers the only thing that worked was steriods and MXD, I take mine on a Monday and since I have been taking both of these I have not suffered from the most severe pains I still get flares but nothing like I used to. I believe its just one of the many forms of Lupus. Don't listen to ppl in a and e, its your specialist who is the only one who can help, the ppl I saw at a and e were so un helpful!

          Hopes this helps, and your not alone.



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            shoulder pain

            Hi Sandra, I have htis right now, its been for over 5 weeks. When I lay downits unbelievably painful and I cry out in pain. I am being tested now for lupus/mixed connective tissue disease, I read up on the MCTD and part of it is myositis, which causes problems with neck and shoulder pain, difficulty in reaching over head and lots of pain lying down.
            Its what I am assuming this is in my case. I have RA diagnosed in July this year, but have lots of symptoms of lupus and rheumy thinks an overlap of other autoimmune diseases. This may not be much help directly, but its something else to think about. My GP has given me amtitriptyline to help me get some sleep, but nothing extra for pain. He thinks that eventually it will feel better, but not how long it will take. :sad:


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              Thanks for your posts, it is i am convinced lupus. I too have connective tissue disease. Boy this is some painful though, it's hit me about 4 times since last Christmas. The Er dr gave me percacet last night 2 tablets and all it did was make me so stoned i didn't care but the pain never let up. I wouldn't take any more as it also left me with an upset stomach. Finally this afternoon i thought I'd try my old stand by tylenol 3 only took one and now I can move my fingers and put my hand down at my side and even hold a glass of water. the tyelenol 3 worked much better.
              Thinking of you all, dealing with this, it's no fun at all. Went back in my woods today to get our tree it was lovely but i didn't really give a darn and my hubby is working on the lights (glad I have a sore arm LOL:lol and i just can't seem to care when there is this much pain. but I'll try as per usual. Hopefully it will settle before my family comes home.
              best wishes, Sandra


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                I find this reassuring (sorry not that you are in pain, it's awful). But that you experience this, so many times I have visited a physio and told I am weak and you can't just wake up and have such a painful shoulder. I hense stopped visiting them and did massage therapy which hurt like crazy and caused bruises but usually they Applied pressure and released tension in other areas and took a few turns to come right. They were usually confused by my pain too. But now I know I am not crazy. Thanks


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                  Hi Meejhm,

                  This is a old thread, so I am going to close it.