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Going numb and all tingly

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  • Going numb and all tingly

    First off MERRY XMAS!

    Am really ill with a flare, but have managed the odd moment of joy today, but since waking this morning, and actually a chunk of yesterday evening, my legs have been mostly white and cold and very numb and tingly. I can still walk but have decreased sensation and odd tight squeezy feeling from the waist down and really badly from my knees to my feet. Am used to odd sensations with my Fibromyalgia but this is new and was wondering how worried I should be. Am on 65mg of Pred and having a lot of swelling form allergic reactions as well as heart problems. so am thinking it could be a vasculitis thing though am now thinking mybe nerves?

    I am guessing I should try and get hold of a Doc tomorrow and ask them, and obviously if I stop being able to walk will take action, but the thought of going to casualty on Xmas evening in the UK really doesn't thrill me!

    Sadly I am allergic to asprin so not sure I should take that, and if it's vasculitis I guess that would make it worse?????


    Just thought I'd ask

    Hope everyone has had the best possible day they can


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    Hello ((((sweet )))))
    Oh dear what a worry and pity today of all days.

    I would call NHS Direct for advice and they might get your emergency GP to call you or you could call him yourself. Since we aren't professionals we can't advise you not to do something or even not to worry.
    If you are allergic to aspirin, don't ever take it.

    Best of Luck


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      The squeezing sensation from the waist down bothers me. Your doctor needs to be made aware of the situation. I would follow Clare's advice and call NHS for advice. If you lose bladder or bowel control go to A&E immediately.

      Take care,


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        Oh dear, that doesn't sound very good at all. I agree that calling NHS direct or seeing your GP as soon as possible would be the best course of action. We can't really advise on something as potentially serious.




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          You've gotten advice from 3 very knowledgeable people. I hope by now you have some information on what to do. It doesn't sound to me like it is anything you should be waiting on. I agree with them that this is very troubling.
          I hope that the new year gives better info and care to get things brought back into a norm range.


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            Hi, I really hope ypou have followed the others advice and contacted a doctor. I know these things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient moments!

            Wishing you the best care and a speedy recovery!