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Red and wrinkled finger tips??

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  • Red and wrinkled finger tips??

    Hi folks -

    I hope you are all well and enjoying the holidays .

    I have a question for you - all my fingertips have become very red and wrinkled looking - sort of like how fingertips look after a bath. However, they are like this all the time, very red and very tender. Parts of them are scabbing over and those parts with the scab are quite sore.

    My toes are very red too - no wrinkles, but a lot more scabby looking (but not feeling scabby - if that makes sense!) and very, very tender.

    So, does anyone get this too? Any ideas? It happens to me fairly often, but I think the cold and constant flare just seems to be aggravating it more this year. I showed them to my rhuemy last week and she said she has never seen anything like it before.

    I'm not overly concerned, just curious to see if anyone else gets this too?

    Take care,

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    Hi Nellie, sorry you have this. Have you taken photos of this? If your rheumy has no idea, you may need referral to a dermy. I hope it improves for you.



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      Hi Deb - how are you?

      No, I haven't taken photos, it's hard to get a good photo of it. I'll probably have to go back to dermy soon anyway cause the rash on my face is just getting worse, so I'll mention the fingers and toes to her then.

      It does seem to be unusual though - I was expecting lots of people on the boards to have experienced the same thing, but I guess not!

      Hope you are all keeping warm in the chill!

      Take care, Nellie


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        Hi Nellie,

        I have heard of something like you describe connected with throid problems/Graves Disease.

        Not saying what you have is caused by the above, but its worth a thought.

        Taking pictures is a really good idea and perhaps seeking help from a Dermatologist too.

        Have you been tested for all possibilities of Thyroid problems, perhaps give your Rhuemi a call and ask them what they think....I know you saw them last week, but often they dont always connect symptoms with illnesses and need a prod in other directions.


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          Red and wrinkly fimger tips

          Sorry to here about the soreness. I experience Raynaud's phenomenon daily, and the worse is when I go grocery shopping picking up cold or frozen items. I don't have any sores (and hope I don't get any) but I heard that this needs attention sooner rather than later. Hope it gets better soon.



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            Thanks folks -

            Lesley - I've been tested for thyroid, but all the tests have come back clear, so I don't think that is it. I didn't really think about it being related to anything other than lupus, but I guess I should push it a bit more with my doctor than I have been doing to date.

            Anthony - Sorry to hear about your Raynauds - I have raynauds too, but since I've been getting these sores, the raynauds hasn't been bothering me. Hmmm, come to think of it, that is strange, because it has been exceptionally cold here and my fingers haven't turned white once.

            I wonder what that means??

            Thanks for the replies

            Take care, Nellie


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              Nellie, I do think you should push for an appt soon with this. Don't leave it!!!!!



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                Hi Nellie

                As you have Raynauds, could it perhaps be vasculitis? I attach pictures of fingers showing vasculitis for comparison.

                Take care.



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                  Hi - I don't think it is vasculitis, it doesn't really look like that, though I appreciate you posting the pictures Merle - thanks

                  Ok, I'll try and take some photos and if I get any half decent one I'll post it. My curiosity is piqued by the whole thing now :hehe:

                  Take care, Nellie


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                    Hej Nellie!
                    I have similar problem with my fingers and my feet. My dr thinks for the one on my fingers are a med sideeffect (Allergic vasculitis). I had two allergic reactions i october to Mtx. But my feet have been in trouble for 2 years now. It could be good to see some photos. I wish you well.
                    Happy new year!


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                      Hi all -

                      My fingers haven't really improved at all - some of them have gotten much worse actually and one of them has split and is an open sore. Anyway, I went into the chemist today and she thinks that it may be some type of chilblains. There wasn't really anything she could give me for it, just not to be exposed to extremes of temperature (has she looked outside lately???). I tried to take photos, but I don't have a great camera so they just look red and shiny.

                      I've to go to the GP at some stage soon so I'll bring it up with him too.

                      Happy New Year!



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                        Hi Nellie,

                        Maybe you should try applying cream and wearing gloves. The cream would help keep the fingertips softer so they wouldn't split. The gloves would help both the exposure and dryness.

                        If you see any signs of infection see your doctor.

                        Take care,


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                          Hi is not ezema is it or chillblains.
                          sounds like could be from cold weather.
                          id see nurse if not gp nurse are good my partner saw 1 at work something very simalr.
                          sounds so sore hun sorry i not help myself not had this.
                          on feet and behind neck i have gp told me dermatitis rheumy said lupus so always good get 2 nd opionoin.

                          for now id try e45 thick one and cotton gloves while sleep especially with the raymaunds as if anything like me my feet hands permently freezing cold.
                          lv countrylass
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                            Hi Nellie,

                            Your fingers sound so painful.:hug:

                            one of them has split and is an open sore

                            I think maybe you need to get your hands checked out. You wouldn't want to get infection in them.



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                              I too think you should get this checked out ASAP, it could be several things and now the skin has broken you should act to get this under control.

                              Here's some pics of lupus chilblains aka lupus pernio


                              and here's one of ulcerated fingertips in advanced Raynauds associated with Scleroderma: