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Swollen lymph nodes at collarbone

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  • Swollen lymph nodes at collarbone

    I'm more than a little worried because, since at least October, I noticed that the lymph nodes just above my collarbones (both sides) were swollen. Just last week, I happened to run my hand along that spot and was alarmed by how big they had gotten. No pain or tenderness, and I don't feel sick. But here's what scares me... When I looked this sort of thing up online, I found that it is often a sign of cancer!!! That these lymph nodes don't usually swell! I found one reference to an autoimmune related swelling, but it had to do with an issue in the stomach, and I know that I don't have that autoimmune disorder (starts with an "s").

    I know that I need to see a doctor. I can't get in to see my rheumy for 6 weeks, and I don't trust my family doctor anymore. In June he dismissed all my complaints regarding what I now know is UCTD. My rhuemy gave me my life back with diagnosis and treatment. Okay, just typing this out, I can see that I need to find a new family doc.

    In the meantime, has anyone else experienced inflammed lymph nodes above the collarbone--and lived to tell about it???

    I have been on Prednisone for 3 months. Just started Plaq.

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    Before I was diagnosed I had lots of swollen lymph nodes (including the ones by my collar bones). For the most part they went down with various lupus treatments - it's just one in my neck that always remains swollen. Obviously it's best to double check with a doctor, but it could be down to the lupus.



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      I am going through the diagnosis process myself for few years now.Have had swollen lymph nodes off and on all my life,two biopsies in teen years- both benign called granuloma tissue.We always think the worst when these swell but not always cancer,doc says common in many autoimmune illnesses.That being said please have them checked out by a doctor sooner rather than later.

      Lots of luck,mea


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        Though I have no diagnosis yet (finally, I have some triumph with a possible thought that it could be autoimmune problems), I had a similar problem with the lymph nodes on the side of my neck (they were swollen for a good 4 months and just continued to get larger and larger - from that time on I have had no end of troubles with these lymph nodes, they react all the time, but I digress).

        Anyways, it is very important that you get this checked out by a doctor. The first time when mine got really bad my doctor did an ultrasound of my neck to check for cancer. (It's basically the same as for pregnant women). Even if you don't want to see your family doctor about it, go to a walk-in clinic. I got an appointment for my ultrasound the next day (took them a while to send the results to the doctor - a few days). I know where I live there is a waiting list for doing biopsies. Basically, the ultrasound diagnostic was very quick came back negative for cancer, and that took a lot of stress out of all of my problems at the time.

        Checking these things out is never a bad idea. It should help put your mind at ease.