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Low Blood Pressure

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  • Low Blood Pressure

    I stumbled across an old thread and found it interesting.
    My entire life my blood pressure has been PERFECT!!!!!
    All of a sudden now my blood pressure is running low, on average about 90/60......VERY ODD.
    Thought I would post here, and see how many others are dealing with this too.

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    I've just come out of hospital after collapsing at work. The consultant thinks it's due to low bp. I have had dizzy spells and fainting on and off for ten years and my bp has always been on the low side. This has been while I have had Lupus. I also have a heart murmur and irregular heartbeat which has also been associated with fainting episodes. Does anyone else have this too?


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      Here's the link to the old thread you posted on Karol

      just thought we should start a new one, especially as Cas has asked a question.

      ((((((Cas)))))) I hope they are investigating this thoroughly for you, I'm sorry you landed in the hospital with it



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        Hi Lily,
        Thanks for that. It's not the first time I've landed in hospital with it but this time it is being investigated. Unfortunately I've never had any proper answers. It's never been linked to my Lupus but I am now wondering if it is related. I know there isn't a typical Lupus patient but some of my symptoms seem the opposite what doctors see as 'normal' Lupus and they make me feel ridiculous when I question them.



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          (((((Cas))))) Have you ever seen a Neurologist? They probably would investigate this better, I got the feeling from mine that he was well familiar with it and wasn't that surprised by it. Sometimes the other docs look in the wrong direction or don't consider the possibilities thoroughly enough. Part of our nervous system controls things like blood pressure and heart rate etc. So if no other cause is found then maybe it lies within that discipline of medicine.



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            This is all very interesting my blood pressure has always been on the low side but the doctors think its great but somehow it doesn't feel great to me because at present its lower than when I was superfit and running marathons. I'm now super unfit and 4 stones overweight and have stage 3 CKD! Thanks for the info Lily I will keep an eye on it.



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              Hi all,
              Trindy, I know what you mean about them thinking it's great. This is the first time it has been seen as a problem. It does feel pretty horrible.
              Lily, I have seen a neurologist but not for this. I have very bad migraines and that was all he was interested in. I also have problems with my eyes - which is neurological, he noticed this but wasn't interested. Maybe it is all connected. I will see what comes of these tests but if I am not satisfied I will pursue it further. I really do need to find some answers. I am finding it all a bit scary and I am worried about my future, work, etc. I am seeing my GP on Thursday and will see if he can speed up the tests.
              Cas x


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                Thanks Lily.

                Just bumping this thread to see if anyone else suffers with low blood pressure.

                Thanks for any input provided.


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                  Hi! My blood pressure always runs low...ranges from 90/60 to 110/60. I have come in under 60 before...after surgery bottom number dropped to 38-40, and nurse was very concerned...kept waking me every half hour to check..that is when I was about age 20. I usually feel bad when it drops too low, but most docs say it is "healthy.". I also have rock bottom cholesterol and a resting heart rate of an Olympic athelete, which is why many docs don't take me serious. By Hollywood standards I look great, but inside rages a storm of inflammation. I have read that adrenal function can be linked to the low blood pressure. Being I have had low cortisol in the past, I suspect adrenal crisis might be a possibility, but I have never been officially diagnosed with that specifically.


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                    Hi - an interesting thread.

                    Me too ..........! I've always felt a bit of a fraud as I've lapped up the praise of doctors on my low blood pressure and pulse rate - Anyone might think I had actually done something to merit this! - Such praise has generally followed a period of doctor / nurse fumbling, tapping of stethoscopes and re-inflation of pressure cuffs, in the attempt to determine whether I actually have a pulse at all! When younger - this whole process seemed quite amusing - and I felt quite smug - particularly as others in my family have high blood pressure.

                    Like Cas, I also have an irregular heart beat. Recently, I was also found to have an aorta bruit in my upper abdomen. Ultra sound did not reveal any abnormality to account for the bruit.

                    As my lupus symptoms are primarily neurological - I would not be at all surprised if my low pulse rate and blood pressure and also the irregular heartbeat, were due to a malfunctioning of my autonomic nervous system.

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                      Hi I just had a Cardio. appointment this past Wed. I must take my BP every day at noon and call the readings in after 7 days. He said the top number should not be 100 or lower, but gave no explanation. I am light-headed and short of breath. Rosie


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                        I was dx years ago with autonomic nervous dysfunction but never had issues with low blood pressure.
                        Rapid heart rate is something I have dealt with for some time but this is a new thing.


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                          I don't have much to offer as I have the opposite going on, my whole life my blood pressure was low 80/60, often lower, but they always told me that is just 'normal' for some people, now my bp is 130/90 which they say is high for me but still OK especially considering I'm on prednisone. I am taking a new heart med which seems to have alleviated the pb a bit as well as heart racing.

                          What does your doc say about your bp readings, could it have lowered due to meds?, do you feel any impact from the lower bp?


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                            Hi, I have always had low bp 90/60 even 80/50 when I was in hospital. Now my bp is 170/100 and still no one is concerned!!! I am sure part of it is the steroids, its interesting how docs vary in there approach!!


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                              It is interesting deb and for me there seems to be no concern either.
                              I am ok with that. If he is not concerned then I wont be.