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skin/muscles feeling bruised?

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  • skin/muscles feeling bruised?

    The top of my arms and my shoulders and ribs feel soooooo bruised and painful, i have the same feeling in the top of my legs. I've not done anything that i can think of to cause this and it comes and goes but is more prominent in the mornings.

    Also my partner touched my ankle -just rested his hand on my foot and the pain was unbelievable - same sort of bruised feeling but so sharp it was agonizing.

    Any ideas?

    And one more question...has anyone wandered about M.E...I often ask myself - do i really have lupus or could it be ME (my symptons could be either as they are quite similar). I fall into the lupies with "normal" bloodwork. I have had the malar rash once before in hospital and the dr i saw said "oh yes, there's the malar rash".

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Jellyjazz,

    I get exactly the feeling you are describing. I don't know if it is lupus or polymyositis with me but it really is a feeling of bruised, sore skin or muscles and in exactly the places you say too; almost as if you'd been betean with an iron bar during the night. I can't be touched either when I'm like that.

    Mine is under better control now as I'm not actively "flaring" the whole time even if my stability is a very delicate one but, for instance, it is set off again if I have to spend any length of time sitting with no support. I went to the hairdresser's on Friday and had a cut and colour and lo and behold it came on; just too much time sitting. I can't do the colour myself as I can't hold my arms up long enough and if I go to the hairdresser's this happens...

    I haven't ever considered ME (I don't have positive ANA but did have a clearly positive skin biopsy) as I have far more symptoms than could be attributed to that. As far as I know ME is a diagnosis of exclusion and therefore wouldn't be entertained at all if you have had a specialist diagnosis of lupus.



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      Thanks for your reply - so glad it's not just me..funny you should mention the runs in my family and i mentioned it to my rheumy but she didn't seem all that concerned.. i think i will bring it up again though as it has gotten worse.

      ME was never talked about - just got told i had lupus which took my rheumy 2 visits to conclude (i trust her greatly and not doubting her at all). She said that with my symtoms it added up to Lupus so maybe my lupie feeling just happen to be common in ME as well. I've always found it hard to set a clear boundary between the two.

      Back to the polymyosistis...i hope this doesn't mean i'm flaring - the cold weather has made my body go into "hibernation" mode as i call it...ugh!


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        Hi there Jelly Jazz. I've had the same thing too, in the same places, when I've been feeliing generallyh wrose. When I had my swine flu jab, there was very little difference in the pain/stiffness from that and the pain I experience. I also sometimes find it hard to lift my arms above my head. Polymosytis hasn't been mentioned to me (not yet, anyway!).

        I'm currently much better on meds, and so am not experience this at the moment, although I did feel a bit unweel (with a cold) over the weekend and noticed that the pain came back.

        Good idea to bring it up with your rheumy. Best to get new/worsening symptoms checked out.

        Take care



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          Hi Lynne,

          From what I have read polymyositis is rare, rarer than lupus. However, people with lupus can also suffer myositis symptoms simply as part of lupus. I was simply saying that I'm never quite sure what my symptoms should be attributed to as I have several overlaps. Like jellyjazz I also have a family history of AI disease going back at least four generations with my Mum having dermatomyositis and lupus.

          The definition of myositis is simply "inflammation of muscle tissue".

          It's good to hear that your symptoms have lessened too. It can be painful and annoying to say the least



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            Thanks Katharine

            When awaiting my diagnosis I did wonder about polymyositis, especially when the first rheumy I saw ordered a CPK. I had only ever associated that test with the heart and muscular dystrophy (in my job as a life underwriter), and so immediately looked it up! As I'm so early into all of this, I'm fully expecting that my diagnosis may be altered as time goes on, if my symptoms alter. Not that I want that to happen, but again, from my experience looking at medical evidence, and from what I've read in this forum, it does seem to be the way of it. Now that I think of it, I don't actually know what the result of that CPK test was!

            Off to the rheumy again in a couple of weeks. to see how I'm going on my Prednisilone taper and if the Plaquenil is kicking in. So far so good, so fingers crossed.

            Thanks again for your help and advice - not only in response to this post, but to my previous posts too. And likewise - glad to hear that you are not flaring at the minute.

            Take care




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              The same thing happens to me. My left bicep is the worst. It is always an indication that things are not quite under control. I find applying heat really helps.

              Take care,


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                Hi I get this too, not diagnosed as yet, have RA and looking into overlap syndrome, which polymyositis is part of. Had wondered if it ws anything, also I describe it as fllu feeling, hurts to touch the area, get in in arms, legs mainly. Its also like an injury type of feeling. These autoimmunie illnesses just go on and on!!!


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                  I'm glad i'm not alone. I am a bit of a worrier terrified that i might flare now though. I don;t have my "lupus flare" symptoms when i usually feel reeeeeeeeeally sick and fatigue..right now i just feel a bit more tired than usual and in the places it hurts my muscles are cramping quite badly.

                  I've been doing 5 mins on an exercise bike each day as well to build up stamina...should i give this a rest for the time being?

                  I'm also allowed to up my steroids if i feel the need (im on 5mg daily) so i might go up to 7.5mg to see if that helps.

                  Ok-so next step, so i contact rheumy or just go to my GP. My usual rehumy is on maternity so i wouldnt know the new one.

                  I wish i wasn't a doesn't help things..


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                    Hi Jellyjazz, Apart from some swellings, I have suffered from muscle pain across my shoulders and the top of my arms, and to a slightly lesser effect, my thigh muscles. The muscles have been very very sore to the touch, and just a slight tap on them made me hit the roof! Recently they have been much improved, possibly because I have been taking Plaquenil for just over 8 weeks now, and it might just be starting to kick in. As for you wondering whether you might have M.E. and not Lupus, I was diagnosed 15 years ago with CFS, and then late last year a Rheumatologist diagnosed me with Lupus. This has led me to think that I had Lupus all these years. The symptoms are so very similar, and it's very confusing isn't it?!


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                      Hi Eileen,

                      Confusing just about sums it up! I'm already on plaq-been on it for over a year now and also on steroids.. not sure what to do really-or who to go to.


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                        Hi, Jellyjazz. YES! I have the same thing. I hate it. Mine seems to be worst when I'm exhausted, but some days I don't have to do anything and I feel like a train ran over me! I have no idea how to make it better, so if you find out, let me know.


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                          i get this whenever im in a flare..its totally like your bruised, worse places are tops of arms, thighs, sides/ribs and my bottom sucks cos yu feel poorly but cant even have a cuddle!!!! and why do friends always come up to you and poke you it a fun way as a greeting argh!!!:love:


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                            Hi Jelly,

                            My suggestion for what its worth is to check if you are in 'flare' or if your CK levels are high. Note what your Dx is, and of course it could be several things. If you are in flare, your doc can find out; but its worth getting your CK bloods checked. CK is an enzyme wich is released to protect muscles. There are others too. CK is usually found at high levels in those who have had heart attcks OR if their muscles are under some severe distress. There are a number of auto-immune issues to do with the muscles.
                            The aches and pains, could just be from flare, but even if the CK is elevated, it usually has to be very high for a long time. Normal high range in the UK for men is around 90-160; mine reached 1000 some time ago, the only symptom was very sore muscles, particularly top of the leg. They did a biopsy on me; noting some results were not normal, but they did not do anything other than increase my medication. As well as all of the other bloods I get tests each month, they always test my CK now.
                            It may not be that at all, you may have just been over doing it; but I remember the weight of someones hand on my leg was not nice, and thats not normal.