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painful lumps in arms

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  • painful lumps in arms

    Does anyone get very painful lumps in their arms between elbow & wrist, in that part of the arm? I've been getting them alot lately, don't know if it's from over use or what. They are about golf ball size in diameter, right now i have one towards my wrist on the underside of my arm, one up moe towards my elbow more on inside of arm, and one on the top side of arm about halfway between. They are hard and hot, not red, but extremely painful when I try to move my arms. Typing this is hurting like crazy but I just have to know if anyone has had this and knows what it may be caused from. I haven't done much that was not normal for me. Usually it's ok in the a.m., but then by end of day after making dinner & trying to just do everyday things, it hurts so bad and gets so puffed up and stiff and the bumps come, that it keeps me awake at night because i can't think of anything else but that pain! Please share info if anyone has anything to share...thanks...

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    Hi Erin,

    I think you need to see your doctor asap. Those lumps sound so painful. This is not normal and needs to be investigated to find out what is going on.



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      Hi Erin,

      Golf ball size is rather large. If it was smaller I might suggest it could be a calcium deposit. I agree with Lyn you should have your doctor take a look.

      Take care,


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        I've had my rheumy look at it and also my GP, neither one know what it is from. They just say oh, it's part of lupus. Those bumps are gone now, but now I have them, smaller, about quarter size in the tops of my hands. It is sooo painful. I guess I was asking just to see if anyone else had this problem that docs told them, oh just part of having lupus.


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          I think I get something like this. I work at a computer a lot and when I am resting my arm or wrist on a desk, if I don't remeber to be very gentle, after a couple of hours I get a similar bump, as if my body is reacting to a bad injury by swelling up - it seems like my immune system is just really reactive to pressure. I get swelling on the back of my hands too, but the lumps are less solid and more liquid like, as if my system has formed a cushion over an area of intense activity. Both of these hurt a lot, but then dissapear in a couple of days. No-one can explain it, so I had to guess...


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            please look into wether you have sarcoids (sarcadosis). I have just been diagnosed with it, and the painful lumps you describe are exactly the same as my symptoms. I hope its not, as its not pleasent, but also not the end of the word and that pain can be controlled with steroids.


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              Hi Erin,

              l, too, get the lumpies in my forearms. Some are soft and rather gelatinous and moveable and some that seem to adhere to the bone. The soft ones wax and wane and are painful when any pressure is applied. Noted by rheumy as part of inflammatory process in some patients. "Lumpies" are harder to treat but they do respond to prednisone. Hence that will probably always be part of my regimen.

              l sleep with an Arm Pillow which is a bound-up folded over pillow that elevates and cushions the affected arm. That's beneficial for the synovial swelling in my wrist as well.

              The red and hot aspect should be checked out, though.

              Hugs to you from Limpin Lumpy :hehe:


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                Helen1977 and Limp a Long this is a very old post 2/28/2010.
                It would be better if you would start a post in the introduce section, Helen and tell us more about yourself. Do you have lupus or trying to get diagnosed?
                Welcome to the forum, Helen.

                Bye for now,