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Carpal Tunnel Type Symptoms (hands and feet) and rash

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  • Carpal Tunnel Type Symptoms (hands and feet) and rash

    For the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing carpal tunnel type symptoms in both my arms/hands and ankles. I've had an itchy rash that comes and goes from various places, too. My family doctor says it's inflammation and my rheumatologist wants to see me in a couple days. They put me on high dose steroids for a few days. Has anyone else experienced this? I can't walk much because of the pain in my legs and I can't use my cane or walker because of my hands.

    Also it seems as if my heart pill has quit working, would that be inflammation too?

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    I have bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is worst in my right wrist. It is mostly numbness and pain. That is what you feel with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But it only affects your wrists and fingers and sometimes can radiate up your arm but not your legs or ankles. However I do get swollen ankles and excrutiating pain in them, which makes it very hard for me to walk. Originally they said I had arthritis. Now they don't know where it comes from. I hope you feel better soon.


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      Hi.. I had an operation on my right wrist a year before diagnosis for MCTD for Carpal Tunnel....however it has periodically turned up in my left wrist now and my Rheumy and I now think it was the swelling/congestion due to MCTD in the Carpal Tunnel that caused the symptoms and that as my auto immune disease is treated the Carpal Tunnel will probably resolve too........and it has! So it seems that I had the op for nothing..!!! The symptoms are the same in that you still have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but the reasons in my case (and I wonder how many others???) was due to untreated auto immune disease. It is really uncomfortable though and stopped me sleeping for ages, hope you get some relief soon. X


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        Hi there,

        As someone mentioned above carpal tunnel syndrome is related to the carpal nerve which is only present in your hands and arms not legs. It sounds like it is some kind of nerve or tendon pain - they can both be quite similar and unless you have had both very distinctly it can be pretty hard to differentiate between them.

        It's good that you are seeing the rheumy soon; I think that's the best for something like this - if it is nerve related then the rheumy may want you to see a neurologist. If it is inflammation (perhaps in the tendons) then the prednisolone should help quite a bit. Last year, I had the most unbelievable tendon related pain in the insertions of my Achilles in both feet which made walking or driving pretty much impossible. Thankfully it did react to IV solumedrol (even if it took about two weeks to act for some reason - apparently that can happen) and although my tendons are always and will always be pretty dodgy, I haven't had the same degree of pain since. I also get a lot of itching when I get a flare up of inflammation.

        I can't say much about the heart pill other than it is definitely time that you saw the rheumy :hug:



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          Hi Brenda,

          What you're describing is tenosynovitis, often called just synovitis. It produces carpal tunnel-like pain and can also cause plantar fasciitis, tendonitis or tendinitis, and other conditions. I have had tenosynovitis in my hands, wrists, and forearms for almost 2 years and in my feet radiating up into my legs for at least 7 months. It's a symptom of autoimmune connective tissue disease and can be brought under control by properly addressing the underlying condition i.e. lupus or another autoimmune connective tissue disease.

          My diagnosis of tenosynovitis, plantar fasciitis and widespread synovitis had to be independently confirmed by a pain specialist, an orthopedic surgeon and a podiatrist before my GP and then rheumatologist would acknowledge any of it. It sounds like your physicians are on top of things. High dose steroids should help immensely.



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            Hi Brenda,

            I hope that the high dose of steroids you see Rhuemi as soon as the few days of pred had had a chance to work or not? If things don't improve you do need to get back to them asap.

            As Katharine has said Carpul Tunnel does not effect the legs, not sure if you have been diagnosed with Lupus or not, but it could be a flare/inflammation.

            You do need to get things in control and I will be keeping fingers crossed that Pred helps tremendously...and that once decreasing the problems don't re-occur for ages if ever again.

            Many of our pains and symptoms can decribed a whole multitude of illnessess, nobody on this site can say what it is for sure that is causing your current please don't assume that anyone is correct and that they are just giving suggestions.

            Please make sure though that you follow-up with your Rhuematologist on how the Pred is helping or not, as when you decrease how you feel too.

            Take care,


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              Thanks ya'll for your responses. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's appointment to see if we can get some of this under control.
              Lesley: Yes, I have been diagnosed with Lupus and pulmonary hypertension (which is why the heart pills now working well is frightening). I

              I've started Arava in hopes that we can take me off the steroids, but it doesn't seem to be doing much yet. I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

              Oh yes, just fyi, when it is in the feet is is called tarsal tunnel, I just couldn't think of the name of it.


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                Hi Brenda, I have Lupus in my lungs and over the past 9 months, I am very short of breath,although my Pul. Function tests and lung capacity remain at 40% loss. My Rhumy thinks I have pulmonary Hypertension and wants my Cardio. to do a right heart pressure cath. I also have severe Raynauds and just recently pain in my wrist and inner fore arms. I am on cellcept, Plaq. and Cardizem LA. Could you share how you were dx. with PH. I don't know who to turn to for help. My Cardio says an echo. is all i need for dx. of PH, but mt Rhumy says the gold standard test is the right heart cath. The pulmonary doctor backs the cardio. but they share the same offices.
                I pray your appointment goes well. I would appreciate any advice you can give me on PH. There are so few with this illness. Best Wishes, Rosie.


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                  Plantar fasciitis is also a posibility to consider with your ankles here's a link

                  Tarsal Tunnel:

                  It would be good if your Rhuemy could investigate more as to what's causing the problems in feet and ankles, just in case its not the Lupus. Hope they also find something to help with the heart issue.

                  Good luck tomorrow and let us know how t goes!


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                    Well I went to the doctor and they did something similar to an EMG ( I think it was anyway) and found there is some kind of problem on my left side effecting my arm and leg. I'm going for a brain and spine MRI when they set it up. I'm also going to a cardiologist.

                    ROSJAC, PH is can be very scary if you search the Internet for it. I would be happy to answer any questions about it I can for you, but don't let online stuff frighten you. You absolutely should go to a PH specialist to be dx with PH. Most cardiologists and pulmonologists just know enough about it to be dangerous. I went to one at the University of Kansas. Do a search for PH specialists in your area. Or PM me and I will help you look. A right heart cath is the only definitive test. Mine wasn't painful.


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                      Well we found out the problem. The brain mri showed I have something called Chiari Malformation and the Lumbar MRI showed a protruding disc that, the doctor said, is almost broken off. (I'm not sure what that last part means). They are sending me to a neurosurgeon this week to find out what we can do. As I understand it the chiari thing is a problem with the base of my skull and the lower part of my brain is "herniated" down into my spine. I can't seem to find a lot of information out there about it and I am an information junkie.


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                        Have you looked on the mayoclinic web site it has it on there.


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                          Hi Brenda

                          I'm afraid I don't know much about Chiari malformation :hug: but found this (just in case it's one you haven't yet read :lol.

                          It's good that you've found out what it is but obviously not good to know you have that going on. I hope the neurosurgeon can suggest something :grhug:



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                            Thanks ya'll for the information on where to find out more!