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pulled muslce-like feeling on the bottom your foot?

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  • pulled muslce-like feeling on the bottom your foot?

    Has anyone ever felt something like that? Like on random occasions it will feel like I have pulled a muscle in the bottom of my foot... maybe like the one that is responsible for arch support?

    I have it today, it hurts, makes it hard to walk... it is annoying... I think I have had it for years, but it comes rarely and leaves quickly... at this point no point going to the GP about it, it is not going to kill me (but also not make me stronger ^_~, so much for old time honoured proverbs!) and since there seems to be not much that can be done about pains A-Y, no point asking about pain Z when the rheumatologist appointment is coming soonish.

    So, anyone ever has this? Know what it is? Know how to make it feel better?

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    Does the pain come when you wear certain shoes? Or are you like me and wear my favorite shoes way past the time that they need to be thrown?:blush2:

    I sounds very painful.:hug:



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      Hmmm Lyn,

      Good point! I wonder if it has to do with having to wear rubber boots the other day without orthotics? Never thought about it before, but that could be it! I guess in that case, avoidance of shoes without orthotics is the best cure.


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        It sounds like plantar fasciitis. Stretching your heelcord, and wearing a small lift in the heel of your shoe help take the stress off the structures in the bottom of your foot (the plantar fascia), or if it doesn't get better, a little physical therapy can help too. if you have a pair of shoes with some good arch support that should help also. Ask your doctor about PT if it isn't better after several days.


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          Thanks for the info... I think since it is not getting better in three days, I should stop by the walk in clinic and see what is going on. I have great arch support with my orthotics... but both you and Lyn got me thinking about footwear and I did wear rubber boots the other day (which have one of the worst foot support of any shoes -_- yet are so useful!) that it is likely what has set it off, I will mention the change in footwwear to the docotor when I see them today.

          I am a big fan of physiotherapy... sadly though, if I do get a referal it will have to placed in the "list of referals we have to get to". I seem to end up with a referal once every 1.5ish months. I think the physiotherapist cringes with every piece of white paper I pull from my purse ^_~ "Oh no, what have you done now?" (All in jest of course, she is really great).