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4 symptoms of lupus out of 11

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  • 4 symptoms of lupus out of 11

    Since I have 4 symptoms of the criteria for lupus, I was diagnosed with lupus. But I have a question and was wondering how they might know that it's not another disease with those symptoms?

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    I am not an expert here but my doctor told me because of my positive anti DNA I have lupus. I know it's a combination of criteria and blood work. If you have the right combo that last for more than three months I think that is how they do it. Not sure though.


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      Hi Postie, a diagnosis of lupus is not something that is given lightly. It takes a combination of symptoms and blood results to have been observed by an experienced doc. Without you saying which of the 4 symptoms you have, I am unable to say exactly why the doc has arrived at this conclusion. Each disease usually has certain distinguishing features, such as RA erodes the joints in a particualar way. Occasionally some people get overlapping features of two or more diseases which can be diagnosed as MIxed connective tissue disease. Others have features of various diseases but not enough to give a definitive diagnosis of a specific disease so get a diagnosis of Unspecified connective tissue disease.

      I know it is hard to accept that you have a diagnosis of lupus, it takes time and some adjustment. However many who are unwell at the time of diagnosis find that once their medication has been sorted, they are able to live a relatively 'normal' life. You will find plenty of support on this forum, you are not alone!!


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        I agree with Debatat, Lupus is not a diagnosis that is thrown out there lightly.
        If you have doubts you can always, and I recommend you do get a second opinion.
        It is a diagnosis of The Entire picture, not just the 4 criteria.
        What has your blood work shown, any abnormals?
        I wish you luck moving forward. Have they put you on Plaquenil or any other drugs?


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          Hi Postie,

          As the others have stated it is hard for us to say anything. We cant see your whole picture.
          Your doctor would be the best one to ask this question. He sees the whole picture.

          We are not doctors just members who are dealing with lupus or on the road of getting a diagnoses.

          Here is a page from the main part of this forum. It tells about diagnosing, what doctors look for..

          As the others have said a diagnoses of lupus is not given out lightly.



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            Hello Postie,

            If you have a mix of the right lab results and symptoms then they will be pretty sure you do indeed have lupus and not something else. As the others have said it is not a diagnosis that is lightly given.



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              Hello Postie genlte hugs sorry see you been diagnsosed with sle lupus,

              For a diagnsois that sort it takes lot being boserved,tests,constant re[eated sytpoms over period of time foten also of trying lupus drugs such as planequil.
              do tell us more,re what 4 criteria u have.
              if any doubt do ask to be seen again and explained more maybe make little list questions to ask consultant.
              i do every time now its helepd me build up relationship to point he knows i take my health seriously and at same time allows me relax let him do his job with much less anxiety.

              im still being observed,test being done and as yetd epsite 4 of 11 criteria im not diagnsoed but for safety as i responded well im on Planequil.

              and been diagnsoed as photo sensitive so prescribed sun cream aswell.
              my doc said test are not showing enough to add togther for fuller picture to gain firm diagnois.

              they can tell them apart it takes alot skill,tests,sytpoms a complex discease this lupus.

              for instance for me always thought to be RA,even diagnnsoed as such but over time seen no joitn erosions,no large red swellings.
              inflammed joitns yes but not same type get RA.
              possible still sero negative RA.

              do yuo catch what im saying,,hope im not making sound to complicated.

              i can only say fact he ahs diagnsoed you means,he wouldnt done so without being toally sure.

              however if your unhappy feel could be wrong do seek 2nd opnion u are entitled to do so.

              do join us in chat to ask us more,get know us.