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Burning sensation

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  • Burning sensation

    Hi, I haven't been on in quite awhile. Life has been busy.

    I do have a question. I have lupus and I've been having burning sensations on my skin with no rash, or redness etc. It comes and goes over different parts of the body. Mainly the hands seem to be the most affected and one side is more so than the other. It feels like my body is on fire and it's painful. I called the rhuematologist and he said it wasn't lupus. I did take a medrol pack and it didn't help. When I first had my symptoms it was similiar to what I'm having now. The first rhuematologist I went to said I had fibro, but it was before he got test results back. Then I changed doctors just because of travel distance and the new one said something else was going on. So my question is: Is burning skin sensation a symptom of lupus or possibly fibro and what can I do to help the pain.

    Thanks for all help. I'm frustrated.

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    It sounds like a nerve thing to me. You might want to check with your GP since your rheumy gave you the brush off.

    Take care,


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      Hi there, sorry your having a tough time.
      I agree with Lazylegs and this does sound like Neuropathic pain.
      There are many drugs out there used to treat this, Lyrica in specific seems to be used a lot lately.
      I hope your GP is willing to help you and maybe you should consider finding a different Rheumy.
      I am sorry for the way he treated you, to me unacceptable.
      Good luck and keep us posted.


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        Yes I also agree with the girls it sounds just like the nerve pain I've been having time to contact the doctor. Pip


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          Hi there,

          Yes, it sounds like something nerve related to me. I get that type of thing quite often but it has reduced a great deal with better general disease control. Docs do tend to shrug their shoulders on it except my neuro who was the exception there. If you have other neuro symptoms you might be able to get a neuro referral and mention it there. In the meantime definitely talk to your GP about it.



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            Oh, yeah. Know it well. And it is not fun. Have to agree that it is a "nerve thing", probably related to periferal neuropathy. I am surprised that anyone would not associate such a symptom with Lupus but then, as psychiatrists never want to deal with anyone who is not a screaming delusional Napoleon or Jack the Ripper, so other medicos only want breaks, blood or flesh falling from the bone. Just because a symptom is miserable does not make it appealling to many MDs, who are only concerned with the life-threatening. In some cold corner of **** there are physicians enduring all the "minor" symptoms that they brushed off in their patients. ( :lol: I think)


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              Thanks everyone. I do think I need a new rheumatologist. They are just hard to find in my area and the ones in the closest big city don't take my insurance. He has treated me with plaquenil, but I don't really have any life threatening problems except I'm high risk for blood clots due to a blood clotting gene. Already had them twice.

              MY general practioner is very good and always takes good care of me so I should have called him first. I think I just need to let him know what exactly is going on and he will send me to a neurologist I think.

              I know it's not life threatening, but I agree Douglas it's very painful. Yea, it's not the worst pain I've felt, but it's hard to function and work feeling like you are on fire.

              Thanks for all the replies.


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                lupus and burning sensation -- take ibuprofen gel tablets

                I have lupus and get the same kind of burning sensation -- usually around my fingers and arms. There's no rash and it feels like I touched a hot stove. The only thing that takes the pain away is a few tablets of ibuprofen. Before I discovered that pain meds helped with this problem, I used to soak my hands in cold water or milk. But the pain would invariably come back. So I recommend that you try ibuprofen. I think this is related to lupus and secondary fibro. Hope this helps.