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Cold Weather - Does it effect Lupus like Arthitis

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  • Cold Weather - Does it effect Lupus like Arthitis

    I have both Lupus and arthitis and with the cold winds starting to blow have had increase pain all over.

    Just wondering if those of you with just Lupus are effected by cold weather?

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    Hi Jill,

    Cold weather bothers me too. I don't have arthritis but lupus makes my joints hurt.
    I am not looking forward to winter this year.


    • #3
      The cold weather cripples me....period!
      I hate it and seem to need more meds from October to May.
      Sad huh......hope you get to feeling better.


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        I dread the winter months more joint pain more infections and more weight gain.


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          Hi Jill,

          I have found these last few weeks that I am getting a lot stiffer and my joints are painful so thats a big YES from me. I do think the cold weather affects us.

          Take care.

          Claire x


          • #6
            Hi Jill, yes the winter does affect me. I have inflammatory arthritis as part of my lupus and the winter is my worst time. We shall have to form a hibernation club!!!!!!!


            • #7
              Hi winter affects me with more joint pain,stiffness arthlgia is worse than in summer,spring.

              hibernation club sounds about right.i find keeping joints warm helps bit.not yet diagnsoed but treated as having SLE with arthlgia,arthritis.


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                Hi there,

                I have Lupus Arhritis as they call it aswell, and my hands and feet, ankles and knees are so much more swollen.
                Several joints hurts aswell and also myalgias such as neck and shoulders/tighs/arms.
                I think for a part it is the weather that makes us flare now too.
                I also noticed that my dry mouth and eyes are a lot worse.
                Then thinking of how winter still has to start!
                I better get my elctric blankie out.

                Warm hugs! :hug:


                • #9
                  HI, I dread the winter months. Along with Lupus and Osteo., I have Raynauds. Some mornings, I don't want to get out of my warm bed. This past summer, we had very high temps. and humidity. I had a alot of joint pain and difficulty breathing. Last week we experienced "Indian Summer". It was so enjoyable. The temps. averaged 75.Next week it will be a high of 38! I find winter depressing, especially after the Holidays.
                  Lets all head for the Tropics!! Rosie


                  • #10
                    Let me say a few words in favour of winter.
                    There are more cloudy days so I can save money on sunblock. I do not look so odd wearing gloves; on hot summer days I do stand out a bit with long sleeves, gloves, cowboy hat, etc but not in the cold.
                    Most of all, I feel better when the fevers hit. Summer heat plus fever is a bear but -17C feels like great luxury when one's face is hot enough to fry bacon and eggs.
                    Shovelling snow is good exercise and provides a sense of accomplishment; I can feel like "a useful engine" again. Even though I may be able to shovel only a little bit at a time, I give thanks that I can shovel!
                    For some reason, I find it easier to breathe in the winter.
                    In six months I may give you some of my reasons for liking summer.


                    • #11
                      I am absolutely at my worse with lupus symptoms (mostly arthritis and muscle pain/swelling) in the cold months. My lupus reared it's head in November and every year I have bad flares throughout the winter months. It's too bad, because I love Christmas and snow (well, maybe these distract me nicely from my pains!!).


                      • #12
                        Douglas sure has a way of making us smile and putting things into perspective for all of us.
                        Thanks for that and for always making me laugh.


                        • #13
                          Hi Jill,
                          Thank you for submitting this post - it's actually made me feel better and explains a lot. There was me thinking that summer is the worst time and wondering why when I got through the Belgium heat this year I feel worse now. My joints are definitely more painful and I suppose it stands to reason now I've read everyone else's replies.
                          Thank you to everyone who has helped me to have a light bulb moment!


                          • #14
                            A definite YES to that! The cold really gets to my joints with Lupus and arthritis and Raynauds on top of that making my fingers burn with cold if that makes sense?? Oh my thoughts are with all those suffering in this cold weather and it's about to get worse (here in UK anyway) I feel sorry for those overseas where it's even colder!


                            • #15
                              I'm afraid I can't work out when I feel worse; it seems to be independant of summer or winter - my joints are very bad right now but I think that has more to do with a slight pred reduction that my body is not liking than winter. Last winter I started to feel great (well you know, everything is relative) about a week before Christmas (maybe I have that to look forward to) and it was around -25c here then so... it lasted about 6 months (my longest ever).

                              Like Douglas I love being able to dress up for the cold - I find it far easier than trying to cope with heat and hiding away from the sun. Heat makes me feel nauseous so give me a crisp [slightly] sunny winter day for dog walking any time :lol: