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Protein & White Blood Cells in urine?

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  • Protein & White Blood Cells in urine?

    Hi All,
    I had my Rheumy appointment yesterday, and my CRP, ESR, FBC & Compliments were normal, but he said I had Protein plus 2 & white blood cells in my urine.I've never had that before. He asked if I was having bladder problems (I'm not) and was also concerned because my BP was high, although I told him it was because I was in a hospital appointment & was nervous (I can have a joke with him) I took my BP myself when I got home, & it was normal. He's trying me on Lodine anti-inflams, 1 600mg tablet per day as my muscles are still very sore & troublesome, and sent me for a muscle enzyme & Vitamin D blood test, as he said lack of Vit D can cause problems in Lupus patients. I am still only on Plaquenil 200mg per day, and he wants to see me again in 4 months - I note that he's requested me to have among other tests, 2 weeks before then, my ANA & DNA again. The anti -DNA was 71 in February this year. Is it common for Lupus sufferers to have protein etc in our urine, without it being anything to do with the kidneys? Also, does anyone know if it's true that if you have positive anti-DNA's you are more likely to have kidney involvement? As always, I thought of these questions only after I'd left the Rheumy's office - thank goodness for this site!!
    Cheers, Eileen

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    Both those can happen, but are usually indicative of an infection or problem going on somewhere. The only time I have had this happen have been when I had a major bladder and kidney infection. I would call your rheumy back and ask if you should not have a urine culture done. The culture I had back then was massive for infection and he kept me on the antibiotic for an extra 10 days.


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      Thanks Sally, I didn't think anyone was going to reply lol. I wouldn't fancy trying to get in touch with the rheumy and saying that - I might have if I was paying privately, but not on the NHS! It's extremely difficult to get hold of his secretary, let alone him! But now you've given me the idea, I could possibly make an appointment at the GP's surgery to see the nurse and ask her about a urine culture. Can you have an infection in your bladder or kidney without having any symptoms then, because I've not got any signs of anything at all, and I've never had any infections in my waterworks in my life! (as far as I know!)


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        Hi Eileen, yes, you can have a UTI with no symptoms. It's happened to me twice in the past year and noticed because I had to provide samples for routine appointments.

        The first time I became quite ill (fever, passing blood) as my usual GP was on holiday and no other doctor in the practice picked up on the urgent urinalysis result that had been faxed by the lab because the receptionist scanned it straight into my record, so treatment was delayed.

        The second time was just yesterday, GP did a dipstick that showed 'extremely high level of nitrites and white cells'. He's sent a sample to lab for urinalysis as urgent. I still have no symptoms but am drinking lots of water to hold things off, if possible.

        If I were you I'd get it checked out asap; take a mid-stream first wee of the day sample with you to the appointment with nurse or doctor, whoever you can get in with. They can dipstick that sample, then transfer it to a urinalysis pot and send to the lab. It takes a few days for the culture to grow. The lab then tests the culture to see what antibiotics it will respond to. Last year's culture identified three possible antibiotics for me, but I'm allergic to two of those. I'm hoping yesterday's sample is responsive to the antibiotic I can still take.

        Since I started having these problems I always keep a small supply of red and white top sample pots at home. The one for urinalysis contains crystals and is a red top. You can buy them at the chemist if your GP won't provide a couple of spares for you to take home.

        Rheumy and GP have both told me UTIs are common with our sort of autimmune problems. We can have no symptoms, but the damage is still being done. I think you should make an appointment with GP/Nurse for as soon as possible.
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          Thanks for that Daisy - I'm learning something new on this site nearly every day! I'll make an appointment with the nurse, and I'll do what you are doing - drink plenty of water. Cheers!


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            Hi my names Holz,
            Im new to this site. i have lupus S.L.E, i was dignosed last year.


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              Welcome to the club Holz!!


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                i get broken sore skin inbetween my toes & lil bumpy spots & feet & hands dnt no wat dis is bt i do no its contacted to lupus sle. & i also get protein & white blood sells in my urine bt nothing ever comes up in the lab evn wen i do av an infection. i find this stressful & annoyn.
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                  To reply to your other question, when you are positive on the dn-dna antibodies then it is more likely to have lupus kidney problems. But there are also plenty of lupus patients that have those antibodies and never have lupus kidney problems - it just makes it more likely.

                  With a fairly low level of protein found, coupled with the white blood cells, that does make it more likely to be due to infection. The underlying infection can cause protein to be found as well as those white blood cells. It is not uncommon at all to have a symptomless UTI, it becomes more common as we age becoming almost the norm among the elderly (to have a UTI with no symptoms).

                  Good luck to you - hope it all gets sorted out at the GP soon!


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                    Thanks for your help Maia - It looks like it must be a symptomless UTI then, seeing as I am almost elderly at 63 ha ha. I'm taking a sample to the Docs tomorrow anyway, I'd rather get whatever it is sorted than have it rumbling along in the back of my mind.
                    Cheers! Eileen