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strange bruises

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  • strange bruises

    I had a very very tender spot on my arm that was very painful to touch. It was this way for 2 or 3 days without any redness or swelling at all, just very painful. Then I woke up to a large bruise in that spot. Now a couple of weeks later, the same thing has happened on my leg. I don't recall hurting myself either time. Anybody else just bruise for no reason....I'm not on any meds that would cause this. I showed it to my doctor and he ordered the lupus anticoagulant test. Just nervous of what the results will be and if its positive, if it will mean more meds.

    Huggs to all,

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    I have only experienced what you are describing when I get phelbitis, which is a sypmtom of my APS flaring. The bump I feel is a small blood clot in a minor vein.

    I also get the spontaneous bruising. My bruising is always very very dark and colorfull however - purple, blue, black like a plum. Just the kind of thing you would remember doing to yourself otherwise.

    Perhaps your doc is just being carefull and checking all possibilities - I don't want to alarm you, but certainly is suspicious for APS. Do let us know when you find anything out.


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      Knock on wood, I haven't lately woke up to discover that sometime in the night that my cat or something got into a fight with me. There were many times thugh that I would find bruises and usely in the oddest places. Do you take blood thinners and if so, have you have your levels checked lately? Just a thought. Meantime, wrap yourself in bubblewrap.................LOL



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        Hi Mary

        Strange bruising was one of the things that initially brought me to this forum. For ages I've thought of myself as somewhat of a clutz... nothing is safe from my elbows, knees and shins but then I really had to whack em to get bruised.

        Don't know when the bruising on my arms and legs started but they are rather large, purple/blue and VERY tender. I've even been asked if I'm being abused!!! I've been monitoring them lately and I know I havn't been accidentally hurting myself, they just seem to come out of no where!

        X T X


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          I get bruises too, in strange places, I really don't know if I've ever been tested for APS. I have one on my forearm, just woke up with it morning and the strangest one...just above my right breast...uuummm, how did I get that one? I always tease my husband of beating my up in our sleep.

          Like you, mine are always painful, but I assume it's just aging or thinning of the skin from prednisone.

          Anything new, I would certanily bring to your doctors attention. I think I'll bring to mine after seeing this thread!

          Have a pain free day!


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            black and blue all over

            Count me in as a member of the easy-bruise club. While I tested positive several years ago as having APS after a blood clot, the doc tested me last week and both tests came back negative. I was having headaches too, which is why she tested me.

            This bruising is embarrassing! In my case, I'm on aspirin (for the aps) and plavix for my heart. I'm sure they are the culprit. The only other "new" drug I am on is Arava. My doc told me to reduce the 325 mg aspirin to two 81 mg baby aspirins and see if that helps stop the bruising. I'll let you know!

            Mary, if you test positive for APS, it really means your blood is thicker than normal and the normal treatment is an asprin a day to thin it out. If positive, you'll need closer supervision if you get pregnant, otherwise, I don't think it's anything to get worried about.

            Good luck to you Mary and I hope you get yourself figured out soon!

            Love, Pollyanna


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              Hi Mary, I bruise very easily. There have been many mornings when
              I have gotten up and my husband has looked at me and asked "What happened to your arm, I swear I never touched you" I look and I will have a black and blue spot on my arm. I can walk by the kitchen counter and get bruised. I have told my Rheumy and she says my bloods are fine, just very thin skined. chauk it up to Lupus.


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                Me Too

                I also bruise very easily, I woke up with a bruise on my wrist, then four on the top of my foot, then the next day some more on the calf of the other leg! They are also very colorful, and in odd shapes, oval, round, some large some small. Karly