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Swollen/Painful hand?

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  • Swollen/Painful hand?

    Last week my hand started to get sore. It is mainly my forefinger and my upper palm. But there was no real pain. I would just rub it out. By the end of the week I started getting pain and it started to swell. The past two nights have been HORRIBLE...The pain is BAD, couldnt sleep. I am taking motrina nd using icyhot.

    I currently have no insurance and I am not quite sure what to do. When the motrin kicks in I dont feel real pain but it is still swollen and stiff. My other hand is fine and I do NOT remember hurting my hand to cause this?

    Has anyone ever dealt with this in general????


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    Hi Tara!

    The swelling and pain in my hands are my most dysfunctional symptoms. Sometimes I get swellings on my knuckles that can get red; they are then very painful to bend. Also get nodules under the skin on the pads of my fingers and sometimes joints too. Have swellings between knuckles on the back of my hand. Sometimes I have swellings in the palms of my hands--usually that causes my fingers to curl up and I can't straighten my fingers. These things bother me mostly at night. They move around all the time. If the swelling is very bad, I may have it in the same place for a few days, then the next night it is somewhere else. Weird.

    I use Biofreeze on my hands sometimes at night when they hurt bad. This distracts me from the pain a bit. Tylenol #3 can take the edge off, but it never makes the pain go away.

    Good luck finding a clinic in your area that you can visit for free or on a sliding-scale.



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      You have described what I have to a Tee. The swelling is in my knukles and also the palm of my hand. I cant straighten my finger and yes the pain is worse at night!!!

      Thanks for the info..I am going to either try and find a clinic or call my primary and she would be cheaper to see than my Rheumie!!


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        Feeling much better today!! The swelling is almost gone and the pain too. Just alot of stiffness! I am going to add this to my list of symptoms for when I can get back to my Rheumie. (just in case its related)

        Thankyou Monica for your reply.....It means alot!


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          Hello Vigette

          hands.........yes-this is my worst sytpom i get deep unbearable boen pain Arthrlgia and also inflammtory arthritis.
          if i were to overuse hands they freeze up rest painrelief helps.
          my knuckles go from pink to red as does above knuckles..........
          i dont have any nodules,or unbendable figners i did have hand therapy which helped bit threw occupational health at local hospital,gp referred me.
          thinking it would make me be able to work,lol not yet.

          god luck at rheumy appointment.
          my hands on palms swell alot carnt make fist,or pick up small things,undo jars,writing they lock.they get very hot when in flare up...



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            Tara - no problem! I just hope you are able to see your doctor to get some relief. I cannot imagine having lupus and no insurance to cover my medical needs. Please search around until you find something or someone willing to treat you for a reasonable fee.

            By the way, I have not been diagnosed with anything but Lupus (that would explain these symptoms), so I have always assumed these symptoms were part of lupus (for me, at least)!

            Take care.



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              My hands seem to be my constant problem - swelling, numbness and pain. I'm sorry that you don't have the convenience of insurance. I hope there is a clinic by you that you can go to. I find there is nothing that takes away the pain (as another poster said Tylenol #3 takes the edge off) but the only thing that helps it from getting worse is prednisone for me. It keeps it under control.


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                THanks guys for the responses. My hand is better...only a tiny hint of swelling, but no pain! BUt Now I got a pain in my upper back on the right side, that takes my breath away when I breath..cough etc. I am thinking maybe I pulled a muscle, bc when I got to reach for something it hurts too!

                My gosh it never ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!