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Achey/Bruised fingers

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  • Achey/Bruised fingers

    Hi this is my first post on here. I always read this site but never posted. I am an SLE sufferer and really suffer with joint pain, facial rash etc you know the usual:sad: I visited my GP last week due to horrible pain in my left hand fingers they feel really bruised (no bruising to see) and achey, finding it really difficult even to wring out a cloth. She prescribed me Diclofenac, I've been taking them a week now but they haven't made any difference. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Hi and welcome to the site! I'm fairly new too.
    I've never thought of it before but finger joint pain does indeed feel like a deep bruise kind of. It saps your strength in your hands because it hurts so badly to grip anything. I get it in my wrists too when my fingers get it so it makes it hard to do anything with my hands at all. I find warmth helps me. Try a heating pad for a while or warm water. I take Tylenol Arthritis for pain. I also take big doses of Glucosamine, a supplement, everyday and have noticed on days when I don't take it for some reason, like if I run out of it, I can feel a big difference. Ordinarily I'm not a fan of supplements but that's one that I support. I'm on Plaquenil, never heard of Diclofenac so can't help you there. Maybe it hasn't kicked in yet since you've only been on it a week?
    Have you been to a Rheumetologist for your SLE? They will have more experience with Lupus patients.
    Feel better soon!


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      Hi there and welcome to posting

      Diclofenac can take a while to start working. I usually find it takes about a week to kick in if I haven't been taking it for a while so maybe it just needs a little longer. If it doesn't improve do go back to your GP about it.

      I get two different types of pain in my hands. One is very much joint pain and is accompanied by stiffness and the other is neuropathic pain which tends to come on a lot in the evening and at night and my fingers then feel swollen and rather like unpricked sausages ready to burst under the grill... that pain is largely controlled now by the meds that control my neuropathy and also Vitamin B complex which helps enormously - just like Lynettea, if I don't take it I feel it - and just like her, I don't go overboard on supplements either. Some are necessary but some can be a lot of money for very little gain.

      I hope it lets up for you soon and if not, get back to your GP. Hand and finger pain is incredibly debilitating and frustrating (even if you do learn to work round it in the end).




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        Welcome Keely!

        I have the same symptoms as you do. It can be totally debilitating! When my hands are bad, I need others to open bottles for me (soda or medication botttles even!) or carry things. I cannot make fists and I have weakness as a result. I find heat helpful, as well as cooling gels (such as Biofreeze or Sombra Gel). Sometimes I need to take narcotics if the pain hurts so bad I can't sleep.

        Like Lynettea said, a rheumatologist will have much more experience (usually) dealing with lupus, so if it's possible, you should inquire about seeing one!

        Take care.



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          Thanks for your replies everyone. I am under a rheumy but not due to see her until June. I do take Plaquenil as well which does help. Hopefully the Diclofenac will start to kick in soon, think i've just been impatient. Think i'll also give the heat and cold treatment obviously not together :lol:


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            Welcome to the site Keely,

            Have you tried wearing braces at night? When I have a bout like you are having immobilizing the wrist for a few nights seems to help.

            Take care,


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              Thank you everyone