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Dizzy spells

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  • Dizzy spells

    Do any of you get dizzy spells? They are getting much worse and more frequent but they feel like my head is spinning and I am going to fall over. I'm due to se emy rheumy on the 17th of March and am supposed to call her on Thursday for my prednisone taper but was just curious idf anyone else gets them.

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    Hello Cj was just wondering how you are.hugs

    ohh my dont leave till then go see general doctor could well be ear or sinus infection i get those dizzy spells type where head spins feel like your falling its for me to do with inner ear balance being thrown by infection.
    I also get it if sinuses are blocked.

    hope it eases but i would get it checked out.......

    or can be side effect medication,i got it with some nsaids,and methotrexate to start with...................
    take care


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      I have vertigo and suffer a lot with dizziness. You need to see the gp about this as it can have so many causes. I find it to be an extremely unpleasant symptom, there are meds that can help. Mention it to your rheumy when you speak to her on Thursday.

      Take care


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        I've been having this problem for 18 months now. Done the GP(not much help), Done the Neurologist/Brain MRI(normal), seeing ENT doc in a couple weeks for vestibular testing.



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          Hi CJ, sorry you're getting this. I think you should mention it to your rheumy when you speak to her on the phone on Thursday rather than wait until your appointment which is almost three weeks away. If it isn't a result of your meds or any transient problem like a cold, then it needs thorough investigation (as Jet has had). Hope things look up for your soon - you've been having a pretty rough time recently. :hug:


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            I used to get vertigo fairly often but with things more on an even keel it hasn't happened lately. There are medications that can help with the dizziness. If I start on mine as soon as I realize what is going on I can knock it out in a day or two.

            Definitely call the doctor.

            Take care,


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              This is one of my bigger problems and it can happen right out of bed in the morning and last all day.
              Other times it can be non existant all day long however that is rare.
              Most of the time for me it is intermitten but indeed there.
              I do not have any inner ear issues but autonomic dysfunction.
              If it continues call the doctor.
              A Tilt Table Test was what provided answers for me.
              It sure does not help that I had a closed head injury back in 2003.
              Good luck and keep us posted.


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                Is it dizziness or vertigo? There's actually a difference. Do you have blood pressure problems? What causes the dizziness? Does it only happen at certain times, or when you do certain things? Does it happen when you're standing, sitting, or lying down? Do other symptoms accompany it, such as nausea, headache, or blurred vision? Does it feel like the room is spinning, or like you're going to pass out? Do you get visual disturbances? Does the room "grey out" around the edges? How long does it last?

                All very important questions in trying to figure out what this is. I have a history of neurocardiogenic syncope and orthostatic hypotension episodes, which cause dizziness and fainting spells due to severe drops in blood pressure. I also (separately) get vertigo episodes, where the room feels like it's spinning, but my blood pressure remains normal and I don't pass out.


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                  Me again CJ, I've had vestibular disease for 16 years, not at all connected with my autoimmune problems. You might wish to have a look at this website to see whether your symptoms are described here. It's for people with vestibular disorders and is the equivalent of the Lupus Foundation.



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                    OMG Daisy...I think I could be the poster child for that Vestibular website

                    I'm getting these "dizzy" spells every 5-15 minutes and sometimes I feel like I could fall over sometimes I feel like I just need to do a "balance check". I emailed my neuro to see if it could be a med but am seeing my GP this morning. I'm hoping it is an inner ear thing. I don't get any other symptoms with it. I can be doing anything and all of a sudden I will feel like my eyes will go crazy for about 5 seconds and then it will pass and I will be fine. It happens less when I am laying down but happens most when I am sitting or standing.

                    Mijan--I don't really know the difference between dizziness and vertigo.


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                      I second Daisy's suggestion that you discuss it with your doctor when you have your call later this week about your prednisone. She can ask you the questions needed to establish what step needs to be taken next.

                      Ugh. I hope this is not the start of another struggle and that it is only temporary. You have enough other stuff going on!

                      Take care. (((hugs))))



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                        I hope you feel better soon and it just passes. Hope you have a better day today and the doc makes you feel better!!


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                          Just to reassure you CJ, some vestibular problems (such as BPPV) can be easily treated and resolved once they've been identified.

                          Good luck with the phone call!


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                            The following link explains the difference fairly well

                            Good luck with your appointment.

                            Take care,